Lying to A Friend – Why Do It? Top 13 Ola Mueller Lies

“I feel so ashamed” – Ola Mueller (after some of her lies).

Backpacking in Kokoszkowy: Top 15 Ola Mueller Lies

Lying to A Friend – Why Do It? Top 13 Ola Mueller Lies

Depression here is now into month number 8, the blog Don’t Stop Living ended, I started a new project at Northern Irishman in Poland and I begged serial liar Ola Mueller to admit she lied and apologise. She didn’t and doesn’t have the strength to apologise. The lies were horrendous and I compiled a top 13 of her lies to try and keep my mind at ease with it, to try and justify that my depression and daily suicidal thoughts are not my own – they came from this liar. Александра Мюллер. Ola Mueller. Aleksandra Mueller. She’s a nasty liar.

“I’m proud of you” – Александра Мюллер. Ola Mueller. Aleksandra Mueller.

Why lie to a friend? Why did she deliberately want to destroy me, my brain and my travel blog? I still have no idea of her intentions with these lies. She was the first person on my long journey to disrespect my travel blog and refuse to show me her town or be inspired by it, following a spate of little childish white lies. Kokoszkowy girl Ola Aleksandra Mueller.

“No, I didn’t lie” – Ola Mueller.

Ola Mueller from Kokoszkowy, PLEASE PLEASE Apologise For Your Lies

This smile from serial liar Ola Mueller is false.

Here are some of her lies over a period of months which dug deeper and deeper my depression hole:

  1. (12th August 2016, What’s App): “I don’t use Facebook. I don’t need it.”
    Proof – She does use it, she does need it, she logs in every day, sometimes she sits endlessly on Facebook. When you send her a message, she reads it immediately.
  2. (12th August 2016, What’s App): “I work 91 hours per week.”
    Proof – She didn’t work that many hours as the shop she worked in wasn’t open that many hours and they don’t employ people out of hours. If she had said “I work and study for 91 hours per week”, then I could have believed it.
  3. (4th July 2016, What’s App): “I didn’t know you were in Poland.”
    Proof – She did know. Not only had I messaged her to tell her, I had invited her to a day out in Gdynia on a Food Tour. She had read the message, she knew I was in Poland. She also saw all my Facebook photos from Poland so far yet chose not to click like on them, and chose to pretend she didn’t see them.
  1. (1st August 2016, What’s App): “I’m proud of you.”
    Proof – If she was “proud of me”, she would have time to meet for a coffee, would be able to give me travel tips about her town and for sure would click “like” on my photos and posts when I asked her to.
  1. (2nd September 2016, Facebook Message): “No, I didn’t lie.”
    Proof – She did lie. She promised to message me by the latest on 24th August 2016. She didn’t. She didn’t keep her promise. She lied. Not just once, many times. She is a “serial liar”.
  1. (1st August 2016, What’s App): “I always wish you all the best and want you to be happy.”
    Proof – she didn’t wish me all the best in her town when I went to visit, she didn’t enjoy my stories on it and she definitely didn’t want me to be happy. If she did, she would have no problem meeting me, giving me travel tips and liking or sharing my Facebook posts.
  1. (9th July 2016, What’s App): “Thank you for that amazing evening.”
    Proof -If it was so amazing, she would have time to meet up for an least an hour to show me the sights and have a coffee in the next 4 months.
  1. (9th July 2016, What’s App): “Thank you for your gifts. I am still surprised.”
    Proof -If it was so amazing and surprising to get gifts from me, she would have time to meet up for an least an hour to show me the sights and have a coffee in the next 4 months.
  2. (4th July 2016, What’s App): “Wow!!! I want to buy your book! It is a great news!!!”
    Proof – Since then, she hasn’t once messaged to ask how my book is going, if it has been released. She has no intention to buy my book. She is not interested and to her it is not great news.
  1. (12th August 2016, What’s App): “If I knew you need help, I would do it for you.”
    Proof – No, you wouldn’t. You knew I needed help. You know I am a travel writer and I always ask for tips. When I asked for tips you kept promising them to me and never sent them. I toured your town 3 times, wrote 15 articles and appeared on the front page of your local newspaper before you could even give me any tips. When you eventually sent me your “tips”, they were an insult to my business – a café that is now closed and a bar which was renamed and closed.
  1. (12th August 2016, What’s App): “I see your Polish is going well, keep learning. If you need any help, feel free to ask.”
    Proof – I asked her for help, I asked if she could meet up for coffee and help with my Polish. I asked for travel tips on Starogard Gdanski and Kokoszkowy. She couldn’t help me. She lied. She had no interest in helping me learn Polish. She lied.
  1. (12th August 2016, What’s App): “Later I will send some photos from my work.”
    Proof – Will you really? This was on 12th August and it is now February 2017 and I am still waiting on these photos. You meant to say “I do not have any photos from working in Poznan in July and August because I lied. Even if I did have photos, I wouldn’t want to send them.”
  2. (12th August 2016, What’s App): “We are friends.”
    Proof – Friends help each other, friends don’t compulsively lie to each other all the time. Besides, if we are friends, then when I sent her an add request on Google Plus and Facebook, she would accept me. Instead she blocked me and changed her profile photos.
  3. (20th July 2016, What’s App): “I won’t be in Starogard at that time” (referring to any period of time after 22nd July 2016)
    Proof – It was a lie. She was there. She lived with her parents and she worked there that time. She lied because she didn’t want to meet me or give me travel tips on her town.
  4. (20th July 2016, What’s App): “I’m moving to Poznan on 22nd July”
    Proof – It was a lie. She didn’t move to Poznan on that date. She was living and working in Starogard Gdanski and just didn’t want to meet me, give me tips or enjoy my tour to her town. She faked a friendship. She lied. Ola Mueller later did move to Poznan but on 22nd July, she should have met me for coffee and given me backpacking tips for my blog. Instead, she chose to make a fool of and humiliate a long term travel writer.

“Life lies a slow suicide, orthodox dreams and symbolic myths” – Richey James Edwards.

“I’m proud of you” – Ola Mueller.

“I’m proud of you” – Ola Mueller.

Cafe anka ola mueller recommends it

“I’m proud of you” – Ola Mueller.

“I’m proud of you” – Ola Mueller.

“I’m proud of you” – Ola Mueller.

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10 thoughts on “Lying to A Friend – Why Do It? Top 13 Ola Mueller Lies

  • Jonny, I believe you are a bigger person than this. I have followed your site for years. Stop dwelling on this person. Just ignore it and move on. There are many more good people than bad. You know this.

  • Seems to me it wasn’t just about travel tips. You fell for this girl.
    You have feelings for this girl, she noticed & turned out to be a “player b*tch” that plays with men’s feelings.
    I’ve noticed Ola has that same weird smirk all fake “plastic” girls have.

    You were and still are special in God Jesus ‘ s eyes. Only 4 people will love you eternally :God,your parents & yourself.
    You were great before you met her and your great AFTER she’s gone! Before you even know her, you were already here doing what you love best! In other words…YOU DON’T NEED HER!!!
    God bless you, & never let anyone, especially some woman steal your love of living!

    Sincerely Luis Arroyo

  • Hi Luis, thanks for the comment. Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough. It was the other way round in the “falling for each other one sadly”. I didn’t fall for this Ola Aleksandra Mueller at all, but sadly she fell for me, she even kissed me one night and claimed to be stalking me. Yet, I saw her the same as my 2000+ travel friends I met down the years, I always visited their towns to meet them, write blogs on their remote places (untouristic places were my forte). So yes, I was kind of using her local knowledge for travel tips on her region (I had a feature in two local newspapers in her town, but thanks to other real friends who helped, not this Ola Aleksandra Mueller character who was a nasty liar). But I had also used my other friends local knowledge and tips for all my previous stories, so I expected her to be the same. If she does play with feelings as you say, then she picked the wrong guy as I don’t give a shit about men’s feelings, I was (at the time) a professional travel writer expecting her to give me travel tips and be honest the way my other friends all did. She was the first person on my 14 year, 150 country journey to lie when it came to tourism, which really got to me. If it wasn’t business related, I could have dealt with it. She probably is fake and plastic to an extent but I also think she has a mental problem which needs solved too and now I have one and am suicidal daily. SInce then, I have started a new website where my travel friends Rafal, Kasia, Magda, Artur, Piotr and many more all told the truth to me, didn’t lie and they helped me with travel tips.

    The final paragraph thanks for your thoughts but in this type of depression caused by liars, it is hard to escape. I hope one day that girl will see this article or my new story and realise that lying to friends and family can cause suicides.

    Best wishes.


  • Hi Anonymous Follower, thanks for the comment. I also followed my site for years and loved my journey until I met this nasty individual who decided to ruin the entire thing with their lies. I still haven’t had an admission or an apology and they still believe I would be their “friend”. It’s a sad world and depression doesn’t end. Safe travels. Jonny

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