Nasty Ola Mueller Lied: Horrible Fake Friend Lied To Me

Nasty Ola Mueller Lied: Horrible Fake Friend Lied To Me.

Ola Mueller and her horrible, nasty lies ruined my life and the life of Don’t Stop Living. I have asked for an apology and an admission.

Her response was “No, I didn’t lie”. Also a lie, nasty.

Yet she still classes ME as one of her friends. Sorry, nasty but you are NO friend of mine. I want nothing to do with nasty liars such as you. How can we teach you, your family and fellow liars that LYING IS WRONG. It should be illegal. It is wrong, it is nasty and it ruins lives.


Mental pain is worse than physical.


Please apologise for your lies.

Don’t trust “friends” you meet. Here’s a fake friend and nasty liar.

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