Ola Mueller from Kokoszkowy, PLEASE PLEASE Apologise For Your Lies At Christmas Time

This blog might be finished and it’s been the worst 6 months of my life (July to December 2016), but I got a 50% boost last weekend with 1 out of 2 of the girls to blame finally giving me an answer that made sense – So this is a Christmas plea. I finally got a message from my friend Karolina Kueller (follow her cool travels) last week so that lifted my depression to just 50% now and all I need to survive now is the apology from the infamous Ola Mueller, a girl from Poland.

Dating Ola Mueller in Gdansk

Ola Mueller’s lies Caused Nine Months of Depression

I was delighted that Karolina could message me, but Ola is the weakest link here – no apology as yet and still she wishes me dead. At Christmas, a time of goodwill, this is all I want for Christmas, in fact it is all I want in life – her apology. I would do an apology for anyone – even enemies if they asked and begged for it. But with Ola – still no response. Also known as Aleksandra Mueller – this serial liar, pantomime villain and travel blog disrespector was so nasty to me. Everyday I am suicidal until I get her admission of lies and apology. Ola Mueller is pictured with me below in Poznan, Poland. But the smiles aren’t genuine.

Ola Mueller from Kokoszkowy, PLEASE PLEASE Apologise For Your Lies

Ola Mueller from Kokoszkowy, PLEASE PLEASE Apologise For Your Lies

Ola disrespected my travel blog and writing and the love I have for obscure towns. She lied in many ways including:

  • how many hours she worked
  • where she worked
  • what she did on 22nd July 2016
  • pretending to move to Poznan in July
  • pretending not to read messages
  • pretending to be friends
  • pretending to follow my story
  • saying she would show me the sights of her town

This link lists some of Ola Mueller’s top lies:

A full list of Ola Mueller’s lies.

I have begged and begged her for 6 months now for her to simply message me with this message below which she could copy and paste, and I would even pay her $1000 US to do it as it will lift me out of my depression and she refuses to do it. Money is nothing on health – I have spent more than $1000 US on my health the last 6 months, and ruined this travel blog and business because of her. Not because of Karolina – Karolina has now given her response. As a Christmas plea in the name of goodwill, Ola Mueller – please please do it. Just message me back saying this:

“I admit I lied to you Jonny, I am sorry for that. I did not know that you suffered from depression or that this would make you suicidal.”

“I’m proud of you” – Ola Mueller.

Ola Mueller

Ola Mueller with another lie

She lied to me but would not lie to her other friends Monika, Luci, Evgenia and Truong.

For Christmas Spirit and to prevent a court case where she will need to cover the fees for my medical treatment, Ola, please please apologise to me.

Please, poproszę. Any good human will do it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year one all all.

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8 thoughts on “Ola Mueller from Kokoszkowy, PLEASE PLEASE Apologise For Your Lies At Christmas Time

  • Hey Jonny Im going to give you the power of strength to move on from whatever you’re going through. We all must be able to let go of what make you feel so sad, it will take time and perseverance from you to know this is life. Without emotions we won’t be living. Do what you do well. Love. Enjoy. ?

  • Heya mate

    I’ve been reading your articles here and there and was always glad that your travel blog was so resourceful, I was able to travel confidently across borders in less known countries.

    I’m really shocked at the situation you are facing right now with depression. It appears that you are suffering from an identity crisis, this travel blog has been a part of you for the last 9 years. So much work and effort has been placed in this master piece of yours, but its now falling apart, and your losing your purpose in life.

    You’re expecting an apology from these two girls, but this won’t cure your depression. By continuously insisting they should apologies to you, and expecting that they would somehow provide one, is only causing you more harm mentally.

    You have to let it go. An insincere apology, has no meaning. You need to find yourself again, give yourself a new meaning, get help with your depression. If you have the will to live, to be strong, then let it go. These two girls’ opinions should not dedicate your life, or cause you depression.

    Bounce back from this stronger. Perhaps its time to hang up the travelling boots, one person can only travel so much, before he/she needs something more substantial.

    Hope this message helps, we don’t want you to end your life over the opinion of others.


  • Hi Michele, thanks for the comment and apologies for the late reply. I have had depression and I ended this site and blog to try and concentrate on my health, safe travels. Jonny

  • Hi Tom, thanks for the comment and apologies for the delay. I don’t work here any more, am not updating it and I don’t log in often to check the comments.

    Weirdly, if they apologise, it WILL cure my depression. In an instant. That is what I have been waiting for, and I even offered to pay them $1000 US for the apology but they won’t do it.

    I let it go back in July 2016, so it has been almost 8 months of depression now and I can’t go on like this. I started working on a new project from late December now that this blog was destroyed by Ola Mueller’s lies, disrespect and her need to humiliate a once popular tourist and travel writer. My latest project is here if you ever want any tips on Poland – http://www.northernirishmaninpoland.com/ http://www.northernirishmaninpoland.com/ Safe travels. Jonny

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