RV and Camper Van Rentals on the Rise in the U.S.A.

Did you know that over 40 million Americans go on a trip in an RV every year, with the camping business currently experiencing its biggest ever boom, having reached an epic $20 billion in sales on the back of nearly a decade of growth?

RV and Camper Van Rentals on the Rise in the U.S.A.

There are currently 17,000 RV campgrounds in the U.S, plus a further 4,000 more in Canada, with more certain to pop up in the next few years to match market demand.

Furthermore, there are around 7,000 RV dealerships in the U.S, with California being the state where sales are highest, spending a whopping $1.8 billion on RVs, followed closely by Florida who have spent $1.5 billion.

So, what is it that is attracting families and friends alike to this way of vacationing?

Let’s take a closer look.

RVing can help you embrace the simpler aspects of life

There is a strong trend towards de-cluttering in the U.S at the moment, with many people turning away from materials goods, and instead focusing on real-life experiences. Vacationing in an RV is all about the basic and simpler elements of life and the natural world around you, which Americans are more keen to embrace now than ever before.

RVing encourages an active lifestyle

With around 160 million Americans currently considered to be either obese or overweight, there has never been a more pressing time for families up and down the country to embrace a more active and balanced lifestyle. Not only does RV rental lend itself well to physical outdoor activities such as collecting wood and building a campfire, riding bikes and going hiking, it also encourages families to enjoy downtime together. A chance to unplug from modern technologies and connect with nature.

Rving is the easiest way to go camping

An estimated 89% of people who own an RV in the U.S, state that the main reason for their purchase is so that they can enjoy regular camping trips. On average, 40 million Americans go camping each and every year and there are around 1,400 campsites currently available for you to choose from in the U.S.

Why do Americans love camping so much?

The majority enjoy the relaxation that this type of vacation provides, as well as a chance to escape from the daily stresses of life and clear their minds.

Quality family time is another huge draw with many citing the opportunity to connect with their children and partner as one of the main reasons that they choose camping as their vacation of choice.

RVing can be more cost-effective

According to a recent study, 39 million Americans planned to forgo their annual summer vacation due to financial reasons last year. With 26% of those surveyed saying they were definitely not planning a vacation and a further 22% being undecided about whether or not they could afford one. This could very well be one of the main reasons why sales of RV’s are up, with hotel and flight costs becoming prohibitive for many American families, running into the thousands and even tens of thousands for a family of four wanting to travel abroad in the peak summer months.

You can rent an RV for as little as $100 per night and, if you look properly, you can find a campsite where you can plug into a constant supply of water and electricity for around $50 a night, or less if you are planning to stay for a longer period of time.

Social media has made RVing more fashionable

Not too long ago, RVing was seen as a vacation type for the older generation but, in recent years, sales in the 18-34 demographic have soared. Currently, around 38% of RV campers in the U.S are millennials.

Could this really all be down to a few posts on Instagram? In a word, yes. The rise of #RVLife and #VanLife hashtags have led to people feeling envious of vacationers who are traveling the open road in their own customized RV, leading to a massive surge in the number of young people choosing this way of traveling.

Connecting to the internet is easier

Although many rent or use their own RV to get away from it all, including the lure of technical devices, there are still a lot of vacationers that will not go away without being able to access the internet on their travels. Thankfully, improved cell data and the gradual emergence of 5G will allow RVers to travel to remote destinations without fear of losing their internet connection.

Great news for RV bloggers and technology addicts alike.

Rving communities bring RV enthusiasts together

If you are a seasoned RVer, you will only too well how many strong communities of RV enthusiasts there are available. All you need to do is look them up on Facebook or another social media site and you are guaranteed to find a group of like-minded travelers who would love nothing more than to meet up with you during your vacation.

With 90% of RV owners saying they take at least three trips with their vehicle each year, that is a lot of opportunities to make new friends.

The availability of one-way rentals on popular routes

One-way rentals have become increasingly popular in recent years with international visitors as well as Americans. This is partly due to the fact that you are able to see and explore more of the country without the need to revisit the same destinations on your return journey, as well as having the added benefit of traveling fewer miles which is more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, the emergence of one-way RV rentals on popular routes such as Vancouver to Calgary, Las Vegas to San Francisco, New York to Los Angeles and Phoenix to Kansas City has led to many more people embracing this way of vacationing.

What is the future for the RV industry? In 2020, record-high sales numbers of RV’s are predicted, so it doesn’t look like this travel trend is going away anytime soon, and the people of America couldn’t be happier about this!

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