Sexpacking: Travelling With Sex Toys On The Road

Sexpacking: Travelling With Sex Toys On The Road

As a long term global backpacker veteran of 150 plus countries, I get asked often about partners, relationships and sexual experiences on my travels. As a pure fire honest blogger, I thought I’d give an account of how things have been in this regard so far, since I left Northern Ireland back in September 2003 (now a 16 year journey). In that time I have rarely been seeking sex, actively looking for it or having lots of it, but we all still need some fun and excitement on our journeys. Aside from  my long term relationship with travelling Hong Kong girl Panny Yu, I dated quite a few girls down the years of different nationalities, the last of whom were the lovely Monika and the nasty Ola in Poland. I have visited sex museums, sex shops, condom shops (in Amsterdam) and sex shows along the way and indulged in many nudist and naked activities.

Doing naked yoga in London with Veronika

Getting Naked Again: Nude Yoga With Veronika in London, England

Getting Naked Again: Nude Yoga

Here are some sex toys you can travel with to stay on top of the willy to fanny game on your journeys.

Even the word dildo sounds sexy. This is for girls usually, insert the device (sometimes shaped like a huge willy, and often size exaggerated. I personally never buy them but I certainly look at them and have kidded with my female backpacking colleagues about which size they like and what one they will buy. They are available in many shapes, sizes, colours and themes. Some are battery operated for the perfect orgasmic sensation.

2.Adult Sex Toys
I love going into sex shops to see what the latest sex toys are. In countries I visited such as China, Netherlands, Poland and France, I headed into the adult sex shops for a juke, often without purchasing. I have noticed recently that adult toys for men are very discreet these days, which means even the shy guy can buy some cool sex toys to enjoy alone (masturbating) or with his partner (the real thing – sexual intercourse).

Crazy times in Prague – naked in the sex museum!

3.Wacaday Condoms
When you have sex you should always promote safe sex. Condoms, femidoms, the pill, all types of safety items prevent disease as well as unwanted pregnancies. However even a raspberry flavoured willy cover gets boring after a while. So start carrying what I class as “wacaday condoms”. I mean condoms with random smells, with cool designs, with extra side bits.

10 Ways to get SEX when you Travel ;-)

10 Ways to get SEX when you Travel 😉

Dining out with "friend" Ola Aleksandra Mueller kłamca liar

Bring a condom for after the date 😉

4.Porn Mags
Good old PlayBoy is ideal for travelling guys who are single as it is easy to get stimulation from the pages. Gorgeous girls are usually well tanned and they show their boobs and fannies so you can get your cheesewhacker out and give it a good yank in faraway lands, to keep your sperm fresh and your vibe happy. Venezuela was one of the worst countries I ever visited but I managed to buy their Playboy when I was there and have some fun in the Hotel Floresta in Caracas.

Nudity in Venezuela’s Playboy

Nudity in Venezuela’s Playboy

Whatever your preference, don’t be shy. Sex is nothing to be ashamed of, neither is willy wanking, fanny entering or nudity. Recently I visited a nudist beach in Poland.

Safe sex guys and girls!

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