backpacking in antarctica

How to Backpack Your Way to Antarctica!

Backpacking your way to Antarctica?? Are you serious? Yes! Antarctica is without doubt the most amazing place I have travelled to, to date. It really is like another world and anyone who has been there will agree with me. It’s a white continent of superlatives, it’s magical! But can you do it on a backpacker Read more about How to Backpack Your Way to Antarctica![…]

Point Wild Elephant Island, Antarctica

Named due to its shape, the eloquent Elephant Island leant its tusks to us just before we packed our Antarctic trunks and headed north again. This, then was the final part of my amazing Antarctic journey. A sadness and happiness filled the freshest air I’d ever breathed as we pulled into the windy Point Wild. Read more about Point Wild Elephant Island, Antarctica[…]

Neptune’s Window, Deception Island

It’s not the same sort of “window” we are used to, but this particular landmark was another of those amazing experiences on the world’s coldest continent Antarctica. The walk from the main bay at Whaler’s Bay was cold and windy, but the air was so fresh. I walked with Russell, Rodrigo and Craig. A seal Read more about Neptune’s Window, Deception Island[…]

Touring Port Lockroy: British Antarctic Base

Date – 11th November 2010 (remembrance day) Time – Between 10am – 12 noon Location – Port Lockroy, Goudier Island, Wiencke Islands, ANTARCTICA Position – 64o 49′ S, 63o 30′ W Temperature – 0 degrees Weather conditions – Cold, icy, snowstorm Wind – Relatively calm If not the defining moment of my Antarctica adventure, the Read more about Touring Port Lockroy: British Antarctic Base[…]

Antarctica Adventures: The Hound Of The Cuverville

Date – Tuesday 9th November 2010 Where – Cuverville Island, Gerlache Strait, Antarctica Position – 64o 41′ S/ 62o 38′ W Weather – cold, snowy, windy  Ask me this time last year if I knew where Cuverville Island was and I say “no.” But, on the trip to Antarctic the “quest” to reach the top Read more about Antarctica Adventures: The Hound Of The Cuverville[…]

“One small step for yer man”: Stepping Foot On Antarctica – Barrientos, Aitcho Islands

There it was. The magical. The dream really happenned, and it happened at a place that most of you reading will NEVER have heard of – Barrientos. I stepped foot in Antarctica. Be honest, if you haven’t been to Antarctica, would you ever have heard of “Barrientos”? So what is Barrientos exactly? OK it is Read more about “One small step for yer man”: Stepping Foot On Antarctica – Barrientos, Aitcho Islands[…]

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