The Four Year Point of No Return in Life, and Love

“I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me” – Lady Gaga.

Dining out with "friend" Ola Aleksandra Mueller kłamca liar

The Four Year Point of No Return in Life, and Love

It was FOUR years ago this week that my life unexpectedly turned on its head. At the time, I had visited around 90 countries, and was back in Eastern Europe loving life. My plans were to tour Romania, Moldova, Transnistria and Bulgaria (all for the first time) with possible side trips to Poland, Ukraine and the remaining Balkans that I hadn’t been to at the time. However, the very first hostel I checked into in Romania was the Little Bucharest Hostel.

The Little Bucharest Hostel, Romania.

This was the building where a person entered my life, for all the wrong reasons. I was only here to be a tourist and backpacker. At the time, I was in a 4 year, steady relationship and was happily engaged to Panny Yu. Panny was touring United States at the time, having been granted a visa finally for it. It was to be the last few happy months of our relationship and within a year, the love and the contact had gone. Here, on Saturday 15th November 2014, I had the misfortune to meet Bulgarian based, Polish tourist Ola Mueller (and her friend Maggi Wabudka).

best hostel romania

Loving the views from Little Bucharest Hostel, Romania, unaware of the drama ahead…

Ola seemed to be some imaginary stereotype of a girl that you would normally see on a Northamptonshire dating site, you know the type. Beautiful, mysterious, well-travelled and insatiable. There was no way that I would be interested in her, nor her me. At the time of course we were both in long term relationships. But as you might have read, November time was marking the start of a wonderful time for dating in my life. But things went a bit wrong on Saturday 15th November 2014. Here’s what happened. The night before, I went to watch Northern Ireland play Romania – we lost 2-0 (our only defeat in that campaign) and enjoyed good times with old friends. But that morning my laptop (which was made by a fruit company) banjaxed itself and I had work to do.

Touring Bucharest in Romania

Touring Bucharest in Romania

My new laptop in Bucharest

My new laptop in Bucharest

My new laptop in Bucharest

Finding the nearest computer shop in Bucharest

My broken fruit brand laptop

I needed to buy an emergency laptop, in Bucharest and I now needed to sit in the hostel all night to set it up and get my work done. I went to the nearby Shopping Mall, bought a brand new laptop and came back to the hostel. I got cosy in the kitchen and set up my new computer, all happy! Then, into the kitchen walked first Ola Mueller, and secondly Maggy.

nasty ola aleksandra mueller kokoszkowy

With Ola and Maggy in Bulgaria in 2014

From the moment we met we were talking about travel. Both girls were living in Sofia at the time and so we agreed to meet up in Bulgaria, which we did and later again in Poland (again, we did). However, with the “friendship” (her words by the way, I don’t class her as a friend) with Ola, came a spate of lies and disrespect which plunged me into a state of despair and depression by 2016. In between times, my relationship with Panny had ended and I was now lonely and bored. Life had to go on, but it all started 4 years ago this week. I pray daily for happiness again.

As this story comes with regrets, I wish had had stuck to those dating sites in Northamptonshire now, or even turned my options to senior dating sites. I might well have struck gold and been happier than I am today.

“Here comes my happiness again” – The Mavericks.

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