Three Years Pass Since Ola Mueller Lied

“And until you’ve repaid, the dreams you bought for YOUR LIES,
You’ll be CAST AWAY, ALONE under stormy skies” – Noel Gallagher (on Ola Mueller).

Aleksandra Mueller St Petersburg lied halloween Ola Mueller

Three Years Pass Since Ola Mueller Lied

Time is not a healer but an apology is. Ola Mueller STILL hasn’t opened up and told us her truth, her reason for being so nasty to me, for telling lies, for physically assaulting me and for mentally torturing me. The sad fact is that I was always NICE to her, but got nothing back in return apart from a faked friendship and a deliberate sabotage of my once nice tourist life.

“We let love get lost in anger, chasing yesterday” – Noel Gallagher.

When – 17.49 pm.
Friday 8th July 2016.
Where – Złota Brama (Golden Gate), Gdańsk, Poland.
Who – Jonny Blair, Aleksandra Mueller.

This (17.49, Friday 8th July 2016) was the exact moment when my depression began. There is not a second of the day goes by, without me thinking why nasty Ola Mueller chose me as a victim to lie to, and not her other “friends” (her words, never mine). Of course I use the term “friends” loosely here, as I don’t class her as a friend and never did. It is she that classes me as one of her “friends” but she has a seriously warped interpretation of the word “friend”.

Ola Mueller lied

Ola Mueller lied

The fake friend, the nasty cruel liar who plunged me into a deep depression in July 2016, never to recover. Three years have now passed and cruel Ola Aleksandra Mueller still hasn’t issued a statement or admitted her lies, apologised for her lies or given me a reason for her lies. If you have met nasty Mueller recently and she admitted her lies to you, please get in touch. It can save my life and ease my spiralling depression.

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