Top 10 Countries to travel in 2019

Top 10 Countries to travel in 2019

The time you plan a holiday, one of the most challenging jobs is to decide where to go. There are many destinations in the world to choose from. So here I have listed for you top ten countries to travel in 2019 from my backpacking experience.

1.Northern Ireland

Easily one of the best countries in the world, little Northern Ireland still somehow sits under the radar. I love towns like Newtownards, Bangor and Ballintoy. Plus the history of Belfast City and the beautiful north Antrim coast. Get Northern Ireland on your list!

Everything You Should Know About The Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

2. Poland

Poland is a remarkable travel gem for any tourist. From the beaches of the north in Gdynia, Sopot, Międzyzdroje or Łeba, to the marvellous old towns such as Starogard Gdański, Swidnica and Warszawa, there is something for everyone. Plus, great restaurants, cosy hostels, cool bars and friendly people. Miss it at your peril!

Yellow Rapeseed / Canola Oil Fields in Kokoszkowy, Poland

3.Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is ranked as a topmost county to travel this year owing to its new hotels, best transport links along with a growing number of activities. The country presents stirring mountains, romantic landscapes, and golden beaches, natural, historical and cultural awe-inspiring destinations. The place is said to be picture perfect for every traveller.  A trip to Sri Lanka will offer a memorable experience of a lifetime as it has mosaic landscape, picturesque topography, and pristine beaches. Also you can book your flight ticket of Sri Lanka using Ixigo Offers with discounted prices.

galle sri lanka backpacker

Backpacking in Galle, Sri Lanka.

  1. Panama

Panama is one of the best countries in Central America and is the home of a series of amazing and exciting cities, beautiful beaches, quaint villages, mesmerizing volcanoes as well as rainforests. The physical landscape of the place includes mountains, islands, beaches, and forests and has a broad range of tourist attractions which can make you confuse where to go. The best part is that Panama enjoys a modern infrastructure and recognized as the paradise for people who enjoy water sports. And of course a wacaday canal!

Relaxing at Miraflores Locks, Panama Canal!

  1. Kyrgyzstan

I spent a few months in magnetic Kyrgyzstan and loved it. From mighty Bishkek to Lake Issy Kul, it’s a glorious place. The place presents numerous attractions, and this is the reason it is counted as one of the most beautiful countries in Central Asia.  There are many tourist attraction in the country which includes gorgeous wild mountain meadows, large alpine lakes, and charming villages.  The place is undoubtedly rewarding one to travel within.

Backpacking in Bishkek

  1. Jordan

Jordan is recognized as a unique destination rich in history, cultural experiences and archaeology. The place is an abode to numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as places of biblical importance. Here the Dead Sea is one of the must-visit places and which could not be compared to any other sea worldwide. You need time to explore as seeing everything in Jordan may be quite difficult in a short trip.

Backpacking in Wadi Rum, Jordan

  1. Indonesia

Indonesia is a land gifted with exotic eater villas, pristine beaches, vibrant tribes, active volcanoes, and many more things. It is actually a fairytale Indonesian landscape which should be experienced ones in a lifetime. There are many unique places to visit, and together they offer a blend of outlandish island wonders as well as pine chilling wildlife adventures. The most beautiful places here includes amazing islands, active volcano sites, national parks and many other exciting places to explore and enjoy.

Backpacking in Jakarta, Indonesia

  1. Belarus

Belarus is an unexplored destination in Eastern Europe and is now suddenly emerged as one of the most visited destinations. The place has a wide diversity of things to do which allow everyone to find something or the other interesting. The largest, as well as the oldest forest in Europe, lies here known as Bialowieza Forest National Park which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

With some of the Belarusian ladies team

  1. Uruguay

My love of the football World Cup probably inspired my trip to Uruguay but I loved Monetevideo so much I spent a hat-trick of weeks there living with a local family. I studied Spanish in the downtown area and also had side trips to Casapueblo, Punta del Este and Colonia Del Sacramento.

casapueblo sunset

Sunset at Casapueblo in Uruguay simply epic.


Belize is considered to be one of the most beautiful as well as enigmatic countries in the world with palm-fringed beaches, crystal clear ocean and extraordinary sea life and lush jungles. The place attracts tourists from all over the world owing to its white sandy beaches, pristine rain forests, abundant wildlife, and many more things.

Three Days in Madonna's Island: La Isla Bonita, San Pedro, Belize

Three Days in Madonna’s Island: La Isla Bonita, San Pedro, Belize

So don’t get confused and plan your trip by considering the above list of top countries to travel in 2019.


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