Visiting the Marble Buddha in Yangon, Myanmar

marble buddha yangon

Visiting the Marble Buddha in Yangon, Myanmar

Yangon is full of Buddhas, Pagodas and Temples and that can make it difficult to pick which ones you want to visit. I visited the Shwe Dagon Pagoda and for a Buddha, I headed to the Marble Buddha in Yangon, on a day of sightseeing in the former Myanmar capital.

jonny blair in myanmar

On the walkway up to the Marble Buddha near Insein in Yangon, Myanmar.

How to get to the Marble Buddha in Yangon

Take the circle line train in Yangon (this costs $1 US for a round trip) and get off at Insein station. From there it’s a 20 minute walk along a main road. Ask people if you get lost.

jonny blair at marble buddha

Get out at the aptly named Insein Station for the Marble Buddha!

How much does it cost to visit the Marble Buddha in Yangon?

Entrance is free, but you can leave a voluntary donation. However you need to pay to take photos and make videos, the rates are:
1. Small camera/phone – 300 Kyat
2. Large Camera – 500 Kyat
3. Video – 50 Kyat

I’d recommend paying – it’s a free attraction so a few hundred Kyatt won’t break your bank.

camera fee marble buddha yangon myanmar

Camera fees for the Marble Buddha apply.

What is there to do at the Marble Buddha in Yangon?

Arrive at the entrance then walk up the steps to the Marble Buddha, which is enclosed behind glass. It is spectacular and without being cliched about this, it’s one of the most unusual Buddha sculptures I have seen on my travels. The fact that it’s free and slightly off the beaten track ranks highly with me, so I’d recommend it. A few of the guys that were with me were upset that it was behind glass, which is fair enough I guess…

entrance marble buddha myanmar yangon

The steps up to the Marble Buddha in Yangon, Myanmar

Anything else to know about visiting the Marble Buddha in Yangon?

Take your shoes off and respect their religion. Also since you’re nearby you should also visiting the rare pink and white albino elephants (post on that to come). They’re on the same road, further up on the right hand side.

Jonny Blair at marble buddha yangon

Admiring the enclosed Marble Buddha in Yangon, Myanmar.

My Videos from Visiting the Marble Buddha in Yangon:

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