Why You Must Visit China In Autumn

Why You Must Visit China In Autumn

If you’ve always wanted to visit China, go in the autumn. It’s during this season that temperatures are milder throughout the countries, with no fluctuations. It’s the perfect way to experience the country without the spring wetness and summer or winter extremes. During autumn, the days grow shorter, and you can look forward to warmer daytime weather right through to November in the central and northern parts of the country, while the south is still rather warm.

Why You Must Visit China In Autumn

The Best Reasons To Visit China In The Autumn

One of the best reasons to book China private tours in the autumn is that you’ll have the opportunity to see the leaves changing colour. The gingko trees are especially magnificent at this time, with the leaves turning bright gold and sidewalks looking like Dorothy’s Yellow Brick Road.

Another incredible thing about China in the autumn is that you’ll be able to comfortably spend a lot of time outdoors. That means you can visit amazing places like the Great Wall, go hiking and enjoy more attractions with less crowds.

backpacking in chongqing china childhood dreams

Backpacking in Chongqing in China in 2013 and living out one of my childhood dreams.

Festivals In Autumn

There are several big celebrations in China in early autumn, with the Mid-Autumn Festival paying tribute to the season and celebrating the full harvest moon. Businesses close for the day and everyone celebrates with moon cakes. The 1st of October is the country’s National Day which is a big holiday that sees schools and businesses close for 3 to 5 days. The weeklong national celebration always starts on October 1.

Appreciating The Autumn Foliage

If you decide to visit China in autumn to marvel at the season’s colours, one of the best things to do is make your way out of the big cities and into nature. It might be difficult to imagine natural scenery when you’re stuck in Beijing traffic, but just an hour outside the city sits the Great Wall and that’s the best place from which to see the seasonal colours.

72 hour visa beijing

Backpacking in China: Beijing

In Sichuan Province, the Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve is the place to visit for incredible autumn foliage. The reserve is a stunning natural park with vivid colours and stunning mountain lakes.

In the Xinjiang Autonomous Region, there are plenty of expansive scenic spots that boast gorgeous autumn colours, like the Kanas Nature Reserve. If you get the chance, be sure to visit Yellow Mountain nature area in Anhui Province, too. The area is well-known for its scenery throughout the year, but autumn lends itself to incredible views of leaves blanketing the mountains.

Spend More Time Outside

If you can schedule your trip to take you out of the big cities and into nature, autumn is the perfect time for it. You don’t need to travel all around the country for great outdoor activities, though. There are tons of side-trips and day trips from Shanghai and Beijing that offer outdoor adventures. If you visit China in the autumn, make the effort to spend plenty of time doing walking tours and exploring the parks to take full advantage of the glorious weather.

master of the nets suzhou

Loving the quiet and tranquility of the Master of the Nets Garden in Suzhou, China.

The above reasons keep tourists coming into China even during the autumn months. You should book yourself a trip during this time of the year as well.

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