Word for Word email with Gordon GuruGod: APOLOGISE AND STAY OUT OF MY LIFE YOU IDIOT

“Telling lies is doing nothing wrong” – Gordon GuruGod/John Stalk 4Ward

Gordon GuruGod (AKA John Stalk 4 Ward) is one of the WEAKEST and biggest pussies and cowards I ever met on my journey. Too scared to speak his mind and be real! He (if I can call him a male!) starting phoning my friends (former or current – irrelevant – these are my friends, not his) Karolina, Kola, Magi and Kamila pretending to care – he did it for his own publicity, ego and goody goody nature. Guru God also stalked my MUM pretending to be a “friend of mine” (as if I would ever befriend a GuruGod!) and he messaged the famous Lee Adams as well (as if Lee Adams would ever be friends with a GuruGod!!!!) He also promised he would put ALL our emails to each other in public and copying those girls in but didn’t have the balls to do it so now I am doing it here. Coward and pussy!!

Peace and Love

It is now we realise HE LIED – he didn’t have the balls to do it and even weaker – he later emailed me asking me to remove it – scared hat he would be exposed as a pussy! Almost as bad as Serial Liar sending me no tips to her town when I was front page – POST me the newspaper please!! Any decent person who claimed to be a “friend” will do it!! I will DO IT FOR ANYONE.

If someone begs me for an apology, I will give it to them because I understand depression and suicide and I am so nice.

  • Gordon asked for the email thread to be removed, so I have removed it (pussy!).

Jonny Blair now lives and tries to enjoy life in Poland.

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2 thoughts on “Word for Word email with Gordon GuruGod: APOLOGISE AND STAY OUT OF MY LIFE YOU IDIOT

  • Why is it insane?? It is me doing what YOU said we can do – post the emails word for word so there are no secrets here. I will tell everyone everything about myself. I will not hide. I make mistakes. I am a man. I admit them. I apologise. I have no respect for liars and those who cannot admit their mistakes in life. I have balls and I am too strong for you as I speak my mind and am not afraid of the truth. I am only afraid of liars.

    The person who caused my depression is a liar. It’s a fact. No apology received. She lied. Nobody else on my journey of 14 years away from Bangor would refuse to apologise to me if asked, especially while claiming to be a “friend”. But I forgave her and kept waiting, thinking she might just have the balls to apologise for it on eday.

    THEN – YOU get involved. You don’t know me – you don’t know my friends and I doubt you have ever even been to Poland or met these friends of mine – if you have, that is more stalking than I did – I was constantly asking for an apology. That is all I have asked for since July. I still haven’t got it but I will DIE trying, or just KILL myself. Stop poaching and stealing MY travel friends for your fake ego.

    I am not insane – this is 100% real from my mind and I won’t hide things or show dishonesty. Yes I made mistakes, but I admit them and apologise. Because I am a man. Maybe one day you will grow some balls.

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