Working Wednesdays: Working in St. Patrick’s Catholic School, Po Kong Village, Hong Kong

st. patrick's school po kong

Working Wednesdays: A fun day out at St. Patrick’s School in Po Kong Village, Hong Kong.

It’s time for yet another installment of Working Wednesdays. I’m not shy of admitting my background on here, or to anyone I meet on my travels. I’m Northern Irish. I’m also British and I’m also Irish and these days I feel an equal affinity to both. I grew up on the island of Ireland and I love the countryside, the Irish pubs, the people and the food. But I’m equally proud of my British roots (my surname, Blair comes from Scotland). Speaking English has helped me travel round the world, and by having English as my main language it has made things easier, especially in communicating and getting jobs. Plus the British Government (despite all the unnecessary local criticism) has been one of the best political systems in the world down the years. I grew up in the Maggie Thatcher era and during troubled times for Northern Ireland. Yet despite the “troubles” growing up in Bangor and being in Belfast once a week I really enjoyed my childhood.

working wednesdays teaching english

Enjoying a laugh with the children and the principal while working in Po Kong Village in 2012.

Now – when I left Northern Ireland 10 years ago, I was certain of one thing – I wouldn’t forget my roots or the fact that I’m a proud Ulsterman and indeed a Protestant (I went to church almost every week until I turned 19). By the time 2011 arrived, I had worked in a few Catholic schools. Without even a hint of religious bigotry or any reason to not love the fact that I was working with literally “the other side”. The thing is, this sort of thing just doesn’t really happen in Northern Ireland, so it was refreshing to be working in a Catholic School in Hong Kong.

working wednesdays

Shamrocks and the Irish Green at St. Patrick’s Catholic Primary School in Hong Kong.

When the chance came up to work in Catholic kindergartens in August 2011, I jumped in without thought. I got the job, was working away and then in December 2011 I attended a Teachers Convention in a district of Hong Kong known as Diamond Hill/San Po Kong. It was a custom built education complex, bearing the name of St. Patrick. St. Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland. Then almost a year later, November 2012 I’m there working at a special event for children and their parents. Working of course, as a native English teacher.

working wednesdays dont stop living

My first time at St. Patrick’s Primary School in Po Kong was December 2011 attending a teaching seminar.

My job entailed easy stuff like singing and dancing with the kids, holding a stick to show what group I was in, stamping cards, posing for photos with kids and “manning” one of the stalls. It was a stall on throwing balls through holes in a fake apple tree.

working wednesdays jonny blair dont stop living

Working at St. Patrick’s – that’s me holding a sign for the children to follow on their big day out!

I loved it and as I stared at the sky and pondered what the hell I was doing here in this raised suburb of Hong Kong’s Kowloon I raised a smile. From my local Protestant Church in Bangor, Northern Ireland to a Catholic school and church in Po Kong Village, Hong Kong.

working wednesdays hong kong a lifestyle of travel

Posing with the kids at St. Patrick’s School in Po Kong, Hong Kong.

This is one heck of a journey my friends – please don’t waste your life slaving away in an office. Working Wednesdays brings you my stories from an endless lifestyle of travel where I have had more jobs than I can remember!

working wednesdays as a teacher in hong kong

With some work colleagues after work in Po Kong Village.

Here is a video I made while working in St. Patrick’s Catholic School in Hong Kong:

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