jonny blair in pisa

Backpacking in Northern Italy (and San Marino)

I had avoided Italy until 2008 but have since had three blasts at it and loved every moment of backpacking through it, even though I do slag Venice off below. It’s a big country though so I have more plans to head to the centre and south of Italy at some point on my next Read more about Backpacking in Northern Italy (and San Marino)[…]

Entering the former Yugoslavia…

Don’t be scared by the title and don’t worry about my post-war experiences in the former Yugoslavia, it was sheer bliss and what a beautiful, breathtaking experience. I didn’t see any war, of course I wouldn’t! It was 2008, I was 28, Yugoslavia had been long gone and in a strange twist of circumstances, I Read more about Entering the former Yugoslavia…[…]

Twenty Nine Hours in Trieste, Italy

Talk to me this time last year and I’d never have heard of Trieste, nor have any ambition to go there nor would I have thought I’d enjoy such a good time there, even if it was for the best part of 29 hours. How did I end up in Trieste anyhow? And where the Read more about Twenty Nine Hours in Trieste, Italy[…]

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