Goodbye Oceania – Another Auckland Farewell

It wasn’t the first time I left Auckland international airport. I had been there 3 and a half years earlier, flying that time to Kuala Lumpur, on an onward connection to the Chinese capital of Beijing. Here in 2010, I was slightly more worldly, more eager and infinitely more nervous. Nervous and excited all in Read more about Goodbye Oceania – Another Auckland Farewell[…]

Backpacking in New Zealand: Jumping off Auckland Harbour Bridge

Its the last day of June 2008, and this time last year I was embarking on a 19 country world tour. During the first month, I found myself in New Zealand and in its capital city of Auckland. It is hard to believe that almost 12 months ago I jumped off Auckland harbour bridge one Read more about Backpacking in New Zealand: Jumping off Auckland Harbour Bridge[…]

Auckland skyline New Zealand

Auckland: Dust from a distant sun…

…will shower over everyone. Well I flew from LAX in the USA to Auckland in New Zealand one day in July 2007. It was an amazing experience. The flight was slightly delayed, I then boarded a Jumbo Jet, yes a Boeing 747!! It was massive. In the airport before that I had met Mary from Read more about Auckland: Dust from a distant sun…[…]

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