Destination Wedding Tips and Tricks to Know Before You Plan

Destination Wedding Tips and Tricks to Know Before You Plan

A destination wedding is held far from home. It is an opportunity to celebrate your union as man and wife in the destination of your choice.

However, this is easier said than done. Planning a wedding is no walk in the park. It requires more effort than you would invest in a local wedding. Although it is hard, it is not impossible. There are wedding planners that can help with your destination wedding. is one but just google destination wedding planners for local help. The key is to not make these common destination wedding mistakes and following some basic rules such as the following ones:

Pick the venue first

This is the most important consideration when planning a destination wedding. Quite a lot is hinged on the venue.

If you pick carefully, you may even spend less on the wedding than you would if you did it at home. And by the way, you need to pick the destination at least a year and six months before the wedding.

Different things can determine what wedding venue you choose. One of them is where the proposal happened. If it happened in a city far from home, you could hold the wedding in the same place.

You may also choose a wedding venue depending on what the destination offers. Some are known for food, some for beaches and some for numerous other attractions. You might want to get the assistance of destination wedding planners to make your work easier.

Destination Wedding Tips and Tricks to Know Before You Plan

Give your intended guests enough time to save for the wedding

It is quite an honor having people fly away at their expense to celebrate your big day with you. However, you also ought to remember that not all people can whip up several hundreds of dollars for plane tickets at once. Some of them may require time to save for it. Thus, it could be commendable to give them a notice of at least 18 months to prepare themselves.

Fly out a couple of times to your destination of choice

Do not stay at home waiting to fly out to the destination on or close to the wedding day. Go there at least twice during the preparation time. The most important thing is to identify the hotels near the wedding venue for your guests, the best roads leading to the venue.

You may even sample the weather and try to estimate how the atmosphere will be during the wedding. If it is not too far, you can even visit a couple of times just so you tie up all the loose ends.

Consider getting local help

Get help from a local agency, or from the resort where you are planning to hold the wedding. Local help will charge less than using a wedding planner from back home. Ok, you will still need a wedding planner from your town, but a local in the destination where you will wed can help in getting all the vendors.

Save enough money

You cannot start planning for a destination wedding if you do not have the required amount of money first. Keep the budget on the higher side. You may have to keep an open budget here. For example, should one of the important parties in the wedding lack something, you should foot that bill. Although you will put a cap to certain expenses, keep some money aside for emergencies.


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