The Biggest and Best Football Stadiums Worth Visiting In The UK

The Biggest and Best Football Stadiums Worth Visiting In The UK

Millions of people visit the United Kingdom every year for work and pleasure. Some come to see the sights of modern London while other visitors love to immerse themselves in the history of the British isles, sampling the splendour of Stonehenge. There is another type of tourist that is growing in popularity, attracted to the UK by major attractions and famous venues. That is sports fans, travellers with an interest in the area’s most popular sport – football. England have been credited with giving the world football and few take the beautiful game quite as seriously as UK fans.

Perhaps you are a fan of football and love watching the English Premier League live on television. Perhaps you love the likes of Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea, placing bets on the outcome of their matches at online casinos in Las Vegas or the sportsbooks of Canada. Wouldn’t it be a treat to visit the biggest stadiums and take in a game live, soaking up the atmosphere, seeing the players and sharing in the joy of the occasion?

Sports fans from around the world flock to the UK every season to watch a game live while many natives enjoy touring major stadiums, witnessing the engineering and architecture before topping their trip with a stadium tour and a peek at the trophy room – if you are lucky enough and the team is successful enough.

If you have always dreamt of visiting a Premier League stadium you may be wondering which is the best or how you can get the most out of your trip by ticking off more than one stadium. In this article, we list the best football stadiums in England that are worth a visit. Venues you can attend on matchday and enjoy a game or just drop by and take a few pictures, gazing at the construction.

The Holy Grail Of Football Stadiums: Taking A Guided Tour of The Oval, Glentoran Football Club, East Belfast, Northern Ireland

The Holy Grail Of Football Stadiums: Taking A Guided Tour of The Oval, Glentoran Football Club, East Belfast, Northern Ireland


A trip to Manchester will allow you to visit the stadium of several professional football grounds from a range of divisions or you can save time by sticking to the two biggest and best known. Manchester is home to two Premier League football teams and the city is divided right down the middle between red and blue.

Manchester City are the current Premier League champions and Champions League runners up. Their home stadium is the Etihad which has a football capacity of 53,400 but can be extended to 60,000 for music concerts. The Etihad Stadium crowd is one that has become used to seeing their side winning matches and, as a visitor, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy a victory. At the very least, you’ll see some of the sport’s top stars in action.

Man City away as one of 3,000 Cherries

Derby rivals Manchester United play their home games at Old Trafford. This stadium is known as the Theatre of Dreams and it doesn’t take long to realise why. A great arena to witness a Premier League match but it also offers one of the best stadium tour experiences available in the UK.

Visiting the George Best statue at Old Trafford, Manchester


Visit London and enjoy the tourist hotspots or enjoy a tour of the city’s major stadiums. London loves football and you’ll find the streets are littered with pitches catering for Sunday League, amateur, Non League and professional players. You will gain a proper understanding of how football is enjoyed in the UK by visiting London.

If you’d prefer to stick to the top end of the sport you can do just that with many stadiums near each other. Pen in visits to Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge which oozes history, the comfort of Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, the former London 2012 Olympic Stadium in Stratford, now the home of West Ham United or the modern Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The latter is one of the most impressive football stadiums, not just in London but Europe. It’s the stadium of the future and the benchmark for other clubs to follow.

15.AFC Bournemouth were relegated from the Premier League in England.

Football in 2020 – watching West Ham United v. AFC Bournemouth (01.01.2020) a far cry from the 1850s…

What football fan could visit London without stopping at Wembley Stadium. The home of the  England national team and  venue of the 2020 European Championships final, it has a capacity of 90,000 fans. That means you are more likely to bag a ticket for a match played at Wembley than you would Stamford Bridge, for example. England home games are played at Wembley as is the FA Cup final.

Of course, you are also most welcome to visit my personal three favourite stadiums in the UK, all of which appear in my best football stadiums post

  • Windsor Park, Belfast, Northern Ireland (home of Northern Ireland and Belfast Linfield)
  • Dean Court, Bournemouth, England (home of AFC Bournemouth)
  • The Oval Grounds, Belfast, Northern Ireland (home of Glentoran FC)
AFC Bournemouth 2-0 Sunderland (first ever home Premier League win)

AFC Bournemouth 2-0 Sunderland (first ever home Premier League win)

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