The End of Don’t Stop Living. The Best of Don’t Stop Living. Thank you, Everyone.

(from a Northern Irishman’s heart, 31st December 2016)
“Tell me a story where we all change. And we’ll live our lives together and not estranged. I didn’t lose my mind; it was mine to give away. You couldn’t stay to watch me cry so I softly slip away. No regrets.” – Robbie Williams. 

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Where were you while we were getting high?

For the last 6 months, you knew what was coming and so did I. This website was once my pride and joy and my love. But I lost it. I lost myself. I got depressed and suicidal. I was too open about it. I shared my pain and tried to justify it to everybody. Nobody understood me and still nobody ever will. But one thing that you will understand I hope, is why this blog has to end today. It’s the 31st December 2016. This blog started in August 2007, so tomorrow would be the 10th calendar year of its existence, but let me just deliberately stop one day shy of that. Let this be the end. My glory days passed me by…

“We are not allowed to spend, as we are told that this is the end.” – Nicky Wire.

jonny blair lock in bournemouth

They passed me by; glory days…

For health reasons, due to my ongoing depression it makes no sense for me to continue on this platform. But as I bow out, I want to share with you some final cool moments, together for the first time on one post. The website will remain online and daily I still get messages from people saying I inspire them. That much is true, that sunk in when I went missing in Gdańsk and over 1,000 people messaged me in support, most not understanding my suicide plea. I thank you for that and I realise that something good came from my travel writing. I did help others in some way.

“There’s no love in your shotgun town” – Noel Gallagher.

It's a good time to knock it on the head.

It’s a good time to knock it on the head.

And this sunk in – I really backpacked the world. I should be proud of that you know. I properly lived in about 10 cities or towns across 7 countries since 2003. I worked in over 50 different jobs. I visited 117 FIFA countries, 136 disputed regions or countries and 845 cities and towns. I toured every continent, broke many rules, made new friends and let lots of people down. I went to the World Cup Final. I watched Northern Ireland at Euro 2016. I watched my beloved Cherries (AFC Bournemouth) get relegated and thrice promoted during the lifespan of this blog. There were ups and downs. On life’s ladder.

“Spend your nightlife table hopping, trying to keep your bag of bones in trim” – Noel Gallagher.

Back in the day - the loneliness and boredom

Back in the day – the loneliness and boredom

These were good times. Here is the best of Don’t Stop Living, in my opinion…please read and enjoy.

The Blair GAWA in Lyon the day that Northern Ireland beat Ukraine 2-0.

The Blair GAWA in Lyon the day that Northern Ireland beat Ukraine 2-0.

My Craziest Stories:
Drinking Guinness on the North Korea to South Korea border
Getting naked in Whaler’s Bay, Antarctica
Fireball fight in Nejapa, El Salvador
Showing my willy in Finland’s winter
Feeding hyenas mouth to mouth

One of my crazy moments in Ethiopia- feeding hyenas hand to mouth and mouth to mouth

One of my crazy moments in Ethiopia- feeding hyenas hand to mouth and mouth to mouth

My top 8 Shights
Stroking an awake crocodile in The Gambia
Losing $1,000 in a river in Laos
Lobbing the goalkeeper from the half way line in Afghanistan
Doing a sh*t in a broccoli field in Tasmania
Getting spanked in Lviv, Ukraine
Naked yoga in London, England
Getting naked in Bavaria in the city centre of Munich
Getting locked in a bus overnight in Sydney

The night my mate John f*ked a donkey in my living room

“These sacred moments of silliness are where I find my heaven” – Gigolo Aunts.

The Day I...Lobbed the Goalkeeper From 30 Yards in Afghanistan

The Day I…Lobbed the Goalkeeper From 30 Yards in Afghanistan

Some of my finest stories:
Staying in the village of Xinaliq in Azerbaijan
Watching the Mass Games in Pyongyang, North Korea
The Journey from Dushanbe to Khorog in Gorno Badakhshan
Touring Masar e Sharif’s Hazrat Ali Mosque in Afghanistan
Touring Hebron in Palestine
Watching the National Day Parade in Pyongyang, North Korea
Touring the Titanic Museum in Belfast, Northern Ireland
Touring the Imam Reza Mosque in Mashhad, Iran

Meeting the local lads of Xinaliq in Azerbaijan

Meeting the local lads of Xinaliq in Azerbaijan

Best Hotel Stays:
Staying at the Sarovar Portico, Andaman Islands
Staying at the Ibis, Kaliningrad City
Staying at the Lady Hamilton, Stockholm, Sweden
Staying at the Clarion Collection Hotel, Oslo, Norway
Staying at the Park Inn, Copenhagen, Denmark
Staying at the Mad Hatter, London
Staying at Doxford Hall, England
Staying at the Xanadu Resort in San Pedro, Belize

– Staying at the Coco Ocean Resort in The Gambia

  • I stayed in and reviewed over 100 hotels in the last 9 years
Three Days in Madonna's Island: La Isla Bonita, San Pedro, Belize

Three Days in Madonna’s Island: La Isla Bonita, San Pedro, Belize

“Last night I dreamt of San Pedro” – Madonna.

Best Hostel Stays:
Staying at Abraham Hostel, Jerusalem
Staying at Oki Doki Hostel, Warsaw, Poland
Staying at Why Not Hostel, Tbilisi, Georgia
Staying at YHA in Belfast, Northern Ireland
Staying at Apple Hostel, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Staying at Ten Coins Hostel, Sofia, Bulgaria

Staying at the Little Bucharest Hostel, Romania

  • I stayed in and reviewed over 400 hostels in the last 9 years
Happy times at Apple Hostel in Bishkek

Happy times at Apple Hostel in Bishkek

Some of my City, Town and Village Guides:
Best sights in Starogard Gdanski, Poland
Best sights in San Salvador, El Salvador
Best sights in Pyongyang, North Korea
Best sights in Chittagong, Bangladesh
Best sights in Escaldes Engordany, Andorra

  • I have written over 2,000 city, town and villages guides in the last 9 years
Backpacking in Starogard Gdanski

Backpacking in Starogard Gdanski, off the wall in Poland’s Pomerania Province

“This was my dream and now my dream has flown” – Noel Gallagher.

My Best First Hand Visa Advice:

visa for east timor

Getting my visa in East Timor.

free TEFL for china

Teaching English in Hong Kong.

Arrival in Kaliningrad, August 2016 - veteran visa expert.

Arrival in Kaliningrad, August 2016 – veteran visa expert.

My other stories with a horrific history to them, down the years of my travels:

Stalin's Museum, Gori, Georgia

Stalin’s Museum, Gori, Georgia

iraq amna suraka kurdistan

All alone touring Saddam Hussein’s House of Horrors at Amna Suraka in Iraq.

Best posts on Countries or Regions that are debated:
Andaman Islands
Gorno Badakhshan
Chernobyl Exclusion ZOne

At the Gates near the Duga Radar in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

At the Gates near the Duga Radar in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Don’t Stop Living
The Vatican City
Northern Ireland

Backpacking in Tiraspol, Transnistria

Backpacking in Tiraspol, Transnistria

French Guyana
Hong Kong
Nagorno Karabakh
Lagoan Isles
People’s Republic of Podjistan

Flying my Northern Ireland flag in Nukus, Karakalpakstan

Flying my Northern Ireland flag in Nukus, Karakalpakstan

San Marino
Druze People

sark bicycle backpacking

Touring Sark on a bicycle – best way to get around.

Some Unusual Meals I Had:
Turtle soup in Kaiping, China
Dog Meat Soup in Seoul, South Korea
Kangaroo Curry in Parramatta, Australia
Wallaby Bolognaise, Tasmania, Australia
Guinea Pig in Aguas Calientes, Peru
Zeama in Butuceni, Moldova
Yak Butter Tea in Zhongdian, China

Dining out in Butuceni, Moldova

Dining out in Butuceni, Moldova

Some of the best dates and girls I travelled with:
Dinner with Panny Yu in San Cristobal, Mexico
A visit to Noemi’s town, Debrecen in Hungary
Dinner in Tainan with Natalja and Eva
Panny Yu and I getting our diving certificates in Honduras
Katia and I whackpacking in Ahmedabad, India
A night out in Gdansk, Poland

Dating in Gdansk, Poland

Dinner in Gdansk, Poland

“Thanks for that amazing night” – Tourist Friend.

My Regular Features:
World Border Crossings
World Travellers
Monday’s Money Saving Tips
Tuesday’s Travel Essentials
Tuesday’s Travel Problems
Working Wednesdays
Thirsty Thursdays

Thirsty Thursdays: Top 5 Bars in Starogard Gdański, Poland

Thirsty Thursdays – With Paulina, Marta and Ola at Browar Pub in Starogard Gdański, Poland

Friday’s Featured Food
Studying Saturdays
Sunday’s Inspiration
Backpacking Buddies
Travel Collectables

Sunday's Inspiration: It's a Lonely World After All

It’s a Lonely World After All

On that backlog of posts and features is a huge and hefty amount of work. Remember I did most of this for free from the goodness of my heart, the blog was only monetised from 2012 onwards. It was never meant to be a business.

Panny Yu and I deep sea diving off the coast of Honduras.

Panny Yu and I deep sea diving off the coast of Honduras.

For those keen to know exactly where my journey took me, these two pages pretty much cover it all:

Where I’ve Been
Where I’ve Been by Flags

kaieteur falls guyana

Standing on the edge at the top of Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

“and Arconada…Armstrong!” – John Motson.

Secret Senegal: Dean Court to Dakar Part 1 - Goodbye the Portman, Up the Cherries

Watching the Cherries at Dean Court, Boscombe, England

My Posts on Professional Travel Blogging:
Tips on becoming a professional travel blogger
Easy ways to travel the world
How to become a professional travel blogger
10 lessons learned from 7 years of travel blogging
Why not to become a professional travel blogger

jonny blair in a 5 star hotel in china

Relaxing and updating my blog in the luxury of a 5 star in China.

“In a rare bite of pressure, I’m forfeiting love for fame” – Jonny Blair.

My feature in The Sun newspaper.

My feature in The Sun newspaper.

The truth about my Professional career as a travel blogger 2012 – 2016
I earned about $101,000 US Dollars in the last 4 years of being a professional travel blogger, I slept in over 700 beds in exchange for reviews, I received some free flights, free trips, complimentary travel gear, free dinners and beers and coffees and lots of people thought I was “living some kind of dream”. But I wasn’t. I ended up lost, in debt and depressed so I must pick my life up from here and try to smile again. Right now, I am actually in debt (due to the depression), working hard to pay it off and trying to get my life back on track.

7 lessons learned from 7 years of travel blogging.

7 lessons learned from 7 years of travel blogging.

“I’ve been before much too long, this is the past that’s mine” – Nicky Wire.

So without further ado, it’s goodbye from me on the Don’t Stop Living platform. I will have to cover the cost of this site to keep it live, so there may be some advertising from time to time but that will be it. Health and sadness comes first. Maybe one day, I will smile again and maybe some of my Polish friends will appreciate my new story and new website, which you can now follow – this is a hobby only, I’m still a tourist and a writer. Come and find me on these two platforms from now on:

Northern Irishman in Poland Facebook Page –
Northern Irishman in Poland website-

My new story - Northern Irishman in Poland

My new story – Northern Irishman in Poland

From Warszawa with Love,

Jonny Blair
Former Travel Writer at
Don’t Stop Living – A Lifestyle of Travel
Current Travel Writer and Tourist in Poland at

“It’s over. You don’t need to tell me” – Damon Albarn.

koala bear hugging

Sleep tight


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32 thoughts on “The End of Don’t Stop Living. The Best of Don’t Stop Living. Thank you, Everyone.

  • Great, that is an awesome place and so good activities you perform. that is an enjoyable place and stunning photos you shared.

  • I am crazy about long world trip with small cost of flight bookings. its not expensive like $1000 or $500, its just $20, I save much when I travel in international flight and even domestic flight. do you want to know how ? just grab this system and yes you need this if you are travel addict, it really works for me and for everyone

  • Hi Bone Beads, thanks for the comment but do I detect either sarcasm or spam here??? Good activities and stunning photos without any specific references. One more strike and you’ll be off like Gheorghe Hagi was at Windsor Park in 1994 when Northern Ireland dicked them 2-0 and I was there 😉 Safe travels. Jonny

  • Hi Shaurya, thanks for the comment and wise words as always. I am also sad to hear this, but I had to end it. Best wishes and safe travels. Jonny

  • Wow. I love your pictures! I’m thankful you share your favorite places so freely with information about how to have similar experiences! Thanks for sharing it.

  • Wow, that’s a really amazing blog post. Love the fact you include the beauty and the exulting details along with the practical ones that can be really uncomfortable.

  • This was so good! I can’t wait to read about the rest of your travels. You might be covering this in an upcoming post.

  • Jonny I think you have visited all over the world and you have a luxury life with many advetures Thanks for share these expercience ..

  • Hi there all the best for your recovery. Really brace to be open about your struggles and wishing you all the best, sending you good thoughts.

  • Hi Jeremy, thanks for your comment and for enjoying my story. Sadly, it’s now over. Depression and the lies from a fellow tourist put paid to this website, for now…Safe travels. Jonny

  • Hi Gupta, thanks for the comment but sadly not. The blog is finished. I have been in deep depression and with suicidal thoughts caused by a lair. I wish you all the best with your travels and pray that one day this liar will know what they have done to me and have the ballbeg till apologise. Jonny

  • Hi Arianwen, thanks for the comment. Nice to hear from you, although I hope you don’t write a similar post as I want others to be happy and keep blogging! It’s my problem to deal with my depression and try and live a different life day by day now. Best wishes. Jonny

  • Looking forward to reading more of your adventures. Safe travels! Thank you so much for sharing it.

  • Hi Rebecca, thanks for such kind and considerate words. Perhaps one day, this blog will be alive again but for now, I have to end it and start things new. Best regards, Jonny

  • Hi “cab service in agra” – are you sure you are not a spam comment? I’ve included it anyway but I just cannot believe you read the post or care about my blogs. Best wishes all the same. Jonny

  • I am sorry to hear that, John. Just started to discover your blog, and now you are hitting me with those news. I think that places like Goa can be great for treating depression – But it depends on your life philosophy and personality in general. Well, I guess travelling can be vexing, and sometimes I just want to vegetate at home. Also, traversing completely unknown landscape can be stressful, instead, something more familiar, like Central Europe road trip, is a better fit –
    I prefer to do that in October, though it can be rainy. But since you live on Atlantic coast, you are probably used to it.

  • Hi Cristoper, thanks so much for your comments and kind words. Yes Goa and India is good for this type of thing – I was there last year and loved it. I have had some serious issues with depression and dealing with liars and dishonest people so now is a difficult time for this blog and in my life. Best wishes and safe travels. Jonny

  • I’m jumping to read all travel blogs about months and this blog is the most complete that I’ve ever seen. Now I’m saving money to pursue my dream to take Eurotrip and this blog inspires me a lot with details and well-organized contents. Wish all the best for you and still hope you’ll be back for blogging. Regards from Yogyakarta, Indonesia

  • Hi Maya, thanks for your kind words, sadly you came in after my blog was destroyed by GuruGods and Liars hell bent on ruining my nice story. But I wish you all the best in your journey as I try and keep myself alive in deep depression. Regards, Jonny

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