Tuesdays’ Travel Tips: Saving Money By Booking Hotels On Agoda

Having travelled the world far and wide for the last 14 years, I am now bringing my readers some good discounts and ways to save money as you start your journeys, now mine has been stalled slightly. I have teamed up with Agoda, and apart from contacting hotels personally, Agoda are the ONLY website I use and I recommend using to book your journeys. These are of course affiliate links, and they work well for all of us! You get discount, I get earnings and page views, Agoda get page views and bookings and the hotels get full!!! So if you have a trip coming up, use my link for up to 80% discount on any hotels booked through the Don’t Stop Living Agoda Page, I will also be adding new links and easy to book hotels that I personally slept in and loved. For today, here’s the page: https://www.agoda.com/dontstopliving

Booking Hotels On Agoda with Don’t Stop Living with Discount

Safe and happy travels!


Jonny Blair

Travel Writer at http://www.northernirishmaninpoland.com/

And https://dontstopliving.net/ – Don’t Stop Living – A Lifestyle of Travel




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2 thoughts on “Tuesdays’ Travel Tips: Saving Money By Booking Hotels On Agoda

  • If I have to travel, I will definitely use your links to book a flight. A discount is a discount no matter how much it saves me, especially for a product or service that I would have bought anyway.

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