What Are the Top Online Slot Sites Coming In 2022?

Good slots sites are a vital part of having a good slot games experience, but that means knowing where to look for a new online gambling website. Not only can some online casinos be quite risky in terms of safety, but each site offers something new or different, making it hard to choose one main option.

Here are some things to consider when looking for the best slot games sites for your specific wants and needs.

What Are the Top Online Slot Sites in 2022?

What Are the Top Online Slot Sites Coming In 2022?

Online Slots Security

Casino games require deposits, and deposits mean that casino sites have to handle payment information and transactions.

New customers will generally have to deposit at least one before they can start playing, and slot sites without decent security can become major risks to UK players.

When you play online, look for online slots sites that have actual security, deposit protection, good secure payment options, and a safe e-wallet system.

You can usually look up each casino to see how they handle money, and get a history of any potential money or data breaches they might have had in the past.

For a safe deposit, required payment methods should be safe on both ends. A bank transfer is safe on your side, but the online casino might have a breach that can leak real money or account information to third parties. The more secure the site is, the better.

Always play responsibly and protect your e-wallets. Don’t overextend to meet wagering requirements or deposit bonuses, especially if the max deposit is far more than you’re willing to deposit in one go.

Welcome Bonus

Popular casino games are able to give away welcome bonus offers and other bonus features that draw in real-money slots players. The bonus amount, type, and rules will vary from site to site, often relying on your first deposit for the bulk of the bonus offer.

Bonus funds can have all kinds of rules and restrictions. Sometimes bonus funds that you wager on a game can only win bonus money, which you then have to play with again to turn it into regular cash.

Other times, these bonuses have wagering requirements before you can withdraw any winnings you make with them, or even a wagering requirement to get the bonus at all.

Free spins offers can have a wagering requirement too, but the bonus is more likely to be game-limited. These bonuses might not apply to your preferred popular games, like certain progressive slots, new games that have just released, or classic slots that are fan-favourites (like Rainbow Riches).

Identifying generous bonuses also helps. New players often commit to one site, so getting a free money bonus that’s actually fairly weak can leave them spending more to keep playing.

Even with the great selection of online casinos available, new players will gravitate towards the best bonuses if they have the option.

Free spins are usually part of the slots themselves, but some free spins bonuses can be site-wide. Since free spins are often limited to certain games, you won’t always get free spins for the game you wanted to play.

Slot Games Variety

A wide variety of games is always good. Software providers have created thousands of unique games: Red Tiger, Immortal Romance, Mega Moolah, Mega Reel slots, and even entire new niches like the Dragonfish platform. The games that sites host can be just as important as the sites themselves.

While gambling might seem like it’s all about the money, many people enjoy gambling for a specific game type or theme.

Not all casinos will have games you want to play, and casinos without games you’ll play aren’t casinos worth making a deposit at. This is especially true for games that play in a specific way that not everybody enjoys, like Megaways slots.

More game variety can help a lot here, since it gives you more to play even if you get bored of the existing games.

It can also mean that new releases are added more frequently, and might offer table games, video poker and other games from brick-and-mortar casinos to break up the slots cycle.

Progressive jackpots aren’t a game on their own, but they can be a way to make a slot game more interesting.

Some of the best online slots become even better with optional jackpots and sub-games. Even if a UK casino has limited game options, more control over the play style/play experience can be a great thing for bored players.

Accessibility for Online Casinos

Many online casinos that host the best slot games work across multiple platforms, but no casino is identical to another.

A UK player using mobile devices will get a mobile version of that casino site, or end up using a casino mobile app. Both of these change the casino layout and might make certain games function differently.

There’s even a chance that some games aren’t fully ready for mobile play. New game releases can take a while to fix if there’s a bug on other platforms, and there are many online casino sites that don’t have an app yet, forcing you to use your mobile browser. This can work, but not always.

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What Are the Top Online Slot Sites Coming In 2022?

UK Licence

Online casinos in the UK need to be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission if they want to be legal in the UK market. Any casino that doesn’t do this isn’t a valid UK casino, no matter how many slots they host or winnings they pay out, so they can be shut down at any time.

When it comes to any online casino, you want to use one that you can play responsibly at without risk.

Playing slots in a non-licensed casino can be safe, but you don’t have the same slots protection, and a casino that isn’t licensed might be tempted to just take your winnings away since they’re already breaking the law just by existing and operating.

If you’re still trying to find the top online slots for your gambling needs, then take a look at some official lists and see what’s most popular right now. You never know when you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many there are to try.

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