Why are so many online gambling companies based in Malta?

Why are so many online gambling companies based in Malta?

Online casinos, just like other private organizations want to make sure they run a cost-effective business. The end goal is to maximize profit, so they are inclined to choose the less expensive solutions whenever possible. At the same time, the most respectable companies, regardless of their profile will never compromise security or make concessions that can damage their reputation. Internet casinos are not that much different and they always try to find the perfect environment to run their business. Apparently, Malta has emerged as the best place to have the headquarters in Europe, if not in the entire world.

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The Malta Gaming Authority Factor

In the highly competitive world of online gambling, casinos are only as good as their reputation and you can read some reviews here. Licensed operators are preferred by players because they project an image of trustworthiness and make punters feel safe when gambling. Equally important for savvy punters is finding a casino licensed by a respectable regulatory body and the Malta Gaming Authority is an excellent example. Casinos licensed in Malta are compelled to abide by the high security standards imposed by the MGA. Having the seal of approval from this organization means that the casino complies with these rules and can be trusted by players.

The Malta Gaming Authority doesn’t compromise on security and has set the standards high for the entire gaming industry. The tiny nation in the Mediterranean Sea was the first in the European Union to regulate iGaming and its regulatory body watches over dozens of casinos. Players who feel mistreated can be certain that their complaints will be analyzed and when suitable, actions will be taken against the casino responsible. Applying for a license in Malta is rather straightforward, so law-abiding casinos willing to play by the rules have a good chance to acquire a license quickly.

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Gambling taxes are not a burden in Malta

Money makes the world go round and online casinos take the issue of taxation seriously. If they end up paying too much, their profit margins decrease sharply, so they must plan ahead. The gambling industry is heavily taxed across the entire European Union, but Malta keeps taxes reasonable. Casinos pay less and they are even given incentives to relocate to this country, so they enjoy immediate gratification. Not only are the taxes low, but they are also predictable, since gambling legislation doesn’t change often.

The Maltese government has realized the importance of creating a suitable climate for online casinos and bookmakers. Its educational system has also adjusted to the growing demand for specialists, which helps gambling operators struggling with recruiting experts. Every year, the game developers, accountants and lawyers that graduate from universities in Malta find a job at international companies. Even so, the lack of qualified personnel is still significant and online casinos are compelled to rely heavily on outsourcing.


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