Backpacking in the USA: Alternative Things to do in Chicago

Chicago is full of must-see’s, and though the obvious sights rank high on the majority of travelers Bucket Lists, there are some not so well-known gems hidden in the City of Lakes and Prairies that you should check out. Though I would by no means recommend skipping the spectacular Lake Michigan or Millennium Park, there are some places that you might not think of off the bat or hear of or find that easily.

Backpacking in the USA: Alternative Things to do in Chicago

Built in 1929 as the Medinah Athletic Club, with its prohibition era décor, the Intercontinental Hotel tour is something you don’t want to miss. Crystal chandeliers and knights in shining armor…despite not being a guest you can take a self-guided audio tour and admire the amazing wood carvings and stunning interior.

Due to its location, McCormick Bridgehouse Museum is also one of these notoriously hidden places. You can walk past it and not even notice it! However, it’s fascinating once discovered, it offers insight to the intricate system of bridges.

Located on Chicago Avenue, the Hoosier Mama Pie Company offers handmade delicious good that you don’t want to miss out on if you’re in the mood for a quick delicious treat! They have some of the best pastries you will ever taste, guaranteed!

Backpacking in the USA: Alternative Things to do in Chicago

Backpacking in the USA: Alternative Things to do in Chicago

Kuma’s Corner…OK, everything on the menu is named after a metal band. How cool is that? There is a two hour wait…BUT come on, it’s so random and cool you don’t want to miss out, and the food is great.

The Apollo theater performing improv musical shows every Friday at 10:30 pm is also a whole lot of fun…you will laugh yourself to tears. Theatres in every city are specific and have an aura of their own, don’t skip this one.

RM Champagne Salon was recommended to me by a local (now a great pal) and we hit it up one night for some class, cheese and wine and an amazing atmosphere. Its energy is infectious. Beware RSVP is a must! In the cocktail party mood, we used W-Limo’s limo service to arrive in style. I had the pleasure of learning about them right at the start of my Chicago experience. Tired upon arriving at the airport, I decided to treat myself to chauffeured transportation, and I didn’t regret it for a second.

Backpacking in the USA: Alternative Things to do in Chicago

I found W-Limo on google and booked a Sedan to pick me up. They were affordable and a most professional driver picked me up. It was then I got my first taste of a Chicago Red Carpet experience. The best part of it was that since I am an avid traveler, they offer their services worldwide. They proved reliable and the customer service was great, I decided that it was a relationship worth upkeeping, and used their services in Amsterdam and Prague, and I will continue to do so whenever necessary. It’s good to be able to sometimes treat yourself to a bit of the luxury lifestyle, and at these prices, I’m not going to shy away from some glitz and glam.

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