March 8, 2017

Everywhere I’ve Stayed, Slept, Kipped, Rented Or Lived

This page aims to be a comprehensive list of every single place that I have stayed on my travels, from Couchsurfing in Tunisia to posh hotels to dingy hostels, they are all covered in this post which is being updated.

*Please note this article is severely incomplete, I will get round to it someday…

Everywhere I have ever stayed on my travels.

Everywhere I have ever stayed on my travels.


– Stayed across the border in Manchester at the Radisson Blu, England



  • Asshole Algerian Hotel



  • Stayed across the border in Millwall Neil’s Student Flat in Roehampton


  • Slept on a settee at Jeremies Kitchen





– 256 Holdenhurst Road, Springbourne (downstairs, room 1)




  • Rented a room in John’s Flat at 70 Wyatt Road


  • Rented a room in a flat in Shepherd’s Bush (Wood Lane)
  • Stayed at Aunt Jane’s flat in Finchley
  • Stayed at Millwall Neil’s flat in Northolt
  • Stayed at Millwall Neil’s flat in Swiss Cottage
  • Stayed at Millwall Neil’s flat in Roehampton
  • Stayed at Sandra’s flat
  • Stayed at Steve’s flat at Bishopsgate


  • Stayed in The Shakespeare Inn


  • Hotel Camponile
  • YHA Hostel
  • Travelodge City Centre
  • Travelodge near Eastlands
  • Park Inn by Radisson


  • Stayed in the Albatross Hostel


  • Stayed at Gemma’s flat in Branksome
  • Stayed at Zoe’s flat in Parkstone
  • Stayed at Fee’s flat in Branksome


  • Stayed at Richard’s flat
  • Stayed at Ben’s flat
  • Stayed at Guest House







  • Stayed in a local flat in the desert

Shahr E-Kord

  • Stayed with Rasoul and family (3 nights)




  • Stayed at Firouzeh Hotel, Tehran (4 nights 5/12/2013 – 8/12/2013)
  • Stayed with Issa and Fatih at Kousar Estate,






  • Day trip only from Nice, FRANCE



  • 2 Marlo Drive, Bangor
  • 22 Drumragh End, Belfast
  • 131 Cregagh Road, Belfast
  • 24 Fort Road, Dundonald
  • 12 Hawe Park, Bangor
  • 17 Hawe Park, Bangor
  • 16 Hawe Park, Bangor
  • 146 Hawe Road, Bangor
  • Sister’s flat, Belfast
  • Brother’s flat, Bangor
  • Chris’s flat, Eglinton
  • Michael and Brendan’s flat, Belfast
  • Chris’s mates flat, Londonderry
  • Europa Hotel, Belfast
  • Royal Hotel, Bangor
  • Cairn Bay Lodge, Bangor
  • White Park Bay Hostel, Ballintoy
  • Castlerock Caravan Park, Castlerock
  • Guysmere, Castlerock
  • Dhu Varren, Portrush
  • Rented House, Portstewart
  • Ganaway, Millisle
  • The Burrendale Hotel, Newcastle
  • Aldergrove, Belfast International Airport
  • Hotel, Limavady


  • Slept at the Hostel Montana, Bergen
  • Slept at Hotel, Oslo
  • Slept at Hotel, Oslo
  • Slept on Night Train Oslo to Voss


  • Rented a flat in Brzezno, Gdansk
  • Rented a room in a flat in Stare Miasto, Gdansk
  • Rented a room in a flat in Nowa Praga, Warszawa
  • Rented a room in a flat
  • Stayed with Kasia in Bielany, Warszawa
  • Stayed with Kamil in Imielin, Warszawa
  • Stayed with Jacek in Lomianki
  • Stayed with Bartosz and Agata in Lomianki
  • Intercontinental Hotel, Warszawa
  • Hotel Parkowy, Malbork
  • Noclegi Rekord, Starogard Gdanski
  • Hotel Ren, Starogard Gdanski
  • Hostel Famil, Starogard Gdanski
  • Hotel Nad Wierzyca, Pelplin
  • Link Hotel, Tzcew
  • Couchsurfing with Piotr, Tzcew
  • Stayed with a family near Stare Miasto, Gdansk
  • 3 City Hostel, Gdansk
  • Night train Gdansk to Warszawa
  • Night train Poznan to Krakow
  • Night train Krakow to Lviv
  • Night train Krakow to Przemysl
  • Night bus Poznan to Berlin
  • Night bus Poznan to Warszawa
  • Night bus Gdansk to Warszawa
  • Night bus Warszawa to Berlin
  • Night bus Warszawa to Prague
  • Night bus Warszawa to Vienna
  • Modlin Airport, Warszawa
  • Chopin Airport, Warszawa
  • Poco Loco Hostel, Poznan
  • Hotel Zawisza, Bydgoszcz
  • Mosquito Hostel, Krakow




  • Nightbus to Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Train from Budapest, Hungary


  • Slept at Hotel Barmoi, Aberdeen, Freetown
  • Slept at Lungi International Airport


  • Backpacker’s Hostel, Zurich (2007)
  • Backpacker’s Hostel, Basel (2017)


  • Slept at Diane Hostel, Lome
  • Slept at Coco Beach Resort


  • Didn’t officially sleep on Tortola, but rested and showered at Diane’s flat (01.01.2022)


  • Slept at Perla’s House, Montevideo
  • Slept at Hostel, Montevideo
  • Slept at Hotel, Punta Del Este
  • Slept at Hostel, Colonia Del Sacramento
bedroom in parque rodo uruguay

My awesome bedroom in Montevideo, Uruguay while staying with a local family and studying Spanish in 2010.


  • Gulnara Guesthouse, Tashkent
  • Madina and Ali’s Guesthouse, Bukhara
  • Guesthouse, Khiva
  • Jipek Joli Hotel, Nukus
  • Hotel Sorxan Atlantic, Termiz
  • Jahongir Bed and Breakfast, Samarkand


    • Hotel La Floresta, Caracas
    • Nightbus San Cristobal to Caracas
    • Caracas Airport



  • Student Accommodation (09.2004)
  • Travelodge (01.2019)


  • Nightbus to Bournemouth (02.2006)


  • Fawlty Towers dorm room, Livingstone


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5 thoughts on “Everywhere I’ve Stayed, Slept, Kipped, Rented Or Lived

  • Hi, I’m curious about one of the places you’ve listed that you’ve stayed in, 24 Fort Road, Dundonald, as I lived there for almost 20 years until we sold the property in November 2018. When was it you stayed there?

  • Hi Diane, Thanks for the comment. I might have got the number wrong. It was only for a few months renting, but it was definitely Fort Road in Dundonald, Belfast and it was on the end of the street on the left near a grassy bit. We used to walk to the Moat and to the Ice Bowl / Mowglis. It was around 1999, so if you were there from 1998, then probably it was number 42 or 34. I knew a lot of McDowells when I lived in Northern Ireland. But I left Northern Ireland a long time ago and I live in Poland now. Stay safe. Jonny

  • Hi Jonny, What a coincidence! we bought 24 Fort Road in December 1999, the estate agent did tell us it had been privately rented out prior to us buying it.
    How long did you stay there for? We were there for almost 20 years, brought our two daughters up there and have now bought a bungalow in greyabbey on the ards peninsula and love it!
    Good luck on your next travels! Stay safe! ?

  • Hi Diane,

    Thanks for the comment. That must be the same house then, the dates match up. At the time, I was working in dead end jobs and my parents rented it probably only for 3-6 months. I spent some time that year staying with my Grandmother and cousin in East Belfast before we moved to Bangor and my Grandfather died that year and we carried the coffin at Gilnahirk on a very wet and sad day. My memory is usually very good but that year seems to be a slight gap as I had a car accident as well and changed jobs. In 2003, I left Northern Ireland for good, I started this blog in 2007 and I just released my first printed book. That book is here –
    That book is based on my travels around the world, the first volume is called “Don’t Look Back In Bangor” – the other books are out in the next few months.

    I have some poetry to release also. I realised that at least two of those poems/songs were written at 24 Fort Road. One is called “It is now safe to return” and the other is “Shining to the Beat”.

    In the irony of life, my sister and parents later moved to Ballyhalbert and I often went for coffee to Greyabbey on trips back home. I was last in Northern Ireland in 2019.

    I am glad you brought your daughters up there. It is a peaceful part of our country.

    Best wishes.


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