November 29, 2012

Travel Buddies!

Don’t Stop Living is well connected within the travel blogging community and I recommend these other amazing travel sites to help you out on your jaunts around the globe, some from people I actually know from my travels, others I just love reading. This will be updated as I go, if you want to feature, send me a message with your website link and details and a link to Don’t Stop Living on your own site. Here’s my amazing travel links, my travel buddies!: Don’t Stop Living’s Recommended Travel Sites (A – Z):

A Couple Travelers – Dave and Vicky tell you all about their travel adventures including their cuisines and their jaunts to Asia and Europe!
A Dangerous Business – Join Amanda Williams an ordinary girl, on an extraordinary adventure.
Accelerated Stall – Maria’s quirky site shares travel love and unusual stories and thoughts from catching life as it happens! Excellent site!!
Active Planet Travels – With the catchline “Counting countries, cruising cultures” Ronald Robbins aims to backpack his way to all 7 continents!
Ali’s Adventures – Ali travels the world and writes passionately about it! She’s also a member of the “Seven Continents Club”
All About Abroad – Travel tips from around the world.
Almost Fearless Backpackers – As the title of this excellent site suggests, Ashley and Chris live their travel dreams without fear!
Am I Nearly There Yet? – Travel Inspiration, photography, humour and advice from Stu and Eloise
Around the world in 80 Jobs – Turner travels and works his way round the globe. Terrific site!
Aussie on the Road – Chris is a well travelled, enthusiastic Australian with quirky travel tales!
Backpacking in China – A site dedicated to travelling the world’s biggest country
Backpacking in Northern Ireland – An easy to follow guide to backpacking in the 6 counties of Northern Ireland
Backpacking Man – Another Jonny out there seeing the world since 1997, check out this cool site from a hardcore backpacker!
Backpacking Spirit – Enthusiastic world traveller Emma runs this resourceful site for anyone ready to start their backpacking adventure! Recommended!
Backpacking Spirit Blog – The world is a playground, so go play 😉
Backpacker’s Guide to the Inca Trail – Excellent book on hiking the Inca Trail in Peru
Backpacking Travel Blog – Samuel and Audrey run a website detailing their amazing travel tales as a couple!
Bacon Is Magic – With this mouth watering and quirky title, Ayngelina Brogan writes passionately about the new life she has created for herself, as she travels around this ball we are on.
Banana Roti – I love this FOOD travel blog!
Be My Travel Muse – Quirky title from a lady with a passion for travel and off the beaten track gems. It’s Kristin Addis!
Bino Caina – Travel and photography blog from Bino
Borderless Travels – Tired of the status quo? From Toronto to Tokyo read, get inspired, and learn how to start your own borderless travels with Ian as he teaches, mountaineers, surfs, scuba dives and travels around the world.
Born2Travel – Got to love this detailed and informative Italian travel site by Mark and Stefy.
Boutique Bangkok – Allan Wilson lives an ex-pat life in Bangkok, he knows the ins and outs of this place 😉
Budget Travel Guide: Save your money and see the world with city guides that provide free and almost-free activities for travellers.

Career Gap Year – Great site on taking a gap year!

Como Viajar – A fabulous site run by Osvaldo from Panama!
Crossing World Borders – Excellent site which details how to cross world borders with ease.
Curious Nomad – Follow Mig Pascual’s epic journeys round the globe!
Cycling El Mundo – Join Antonio and Amanda’s adventure around the world.
DFR (The Double F##king Rainbow!) – A great site run by Jessie – loads of travel links, stories and great books too!
Don’t Stop Living – You’re right here already! Jonny Blair blogs the world!!
E-Tramping – – “Pack lite, travel far, and live long” is the motto that describes the lifestyle of travel bloggers Cez and Agnes who travel around the world on less than $25 per day!
Erika’s Travels – a cool travel blog from wandering Erika.
Erohisms – – Rob and Lina Eroh are the voices behind erohisms (pronounced “arrow-isms”). Read their stories as they go from well-employed to well-traveled on $1000/person/month
Everyday Nomad – Forest Parks is the traveller who doesn’t know where he is heading next!
Family Travel Blog – Bohemian Travelers – This site is one you NEED to check out. This is a family who have made a living out of digital nomadery. Yes, Mum, Dad and the kids all move around. What a lifestyle!
Fishing Beginner – Expert site on fishing, one for the outdoors.
Flashpacker Family – Meet Bethaney, Lee and Reuben as they flashpack round the globe!
Fleeting Life – Travelling for an inspired life by Christina
Flights and Frustrations – The Guy tells his stories from around the globe including some awesome rants!
Flip Nomad – Travelling the world with Flip, real Filipino style!
Food on the Street – Cool food and travel blog!
Football Elevens – A cool football site to follow on your travels
For the Traveller – cool global travel guide
FoXnoMad – Anil Polat is on an amazing journey to visit every country. His blog is jam packed with stories and blogging tips for every blogger out there.
Free Your Mind Travel – Alyse and Ross’s excellent site
Frameless World – Join Bino Caina’s world travel adventures
The Further Adventures of Bennett – Follow Sarah’s journeys round the world.

Gap Year Extreme – Nice site on living a gap year to the fullest.

Getting Stamped – Hannah and Adam run this fantastic global travel journey website.
Global Girl Travels – Cool adventures of a travel blogging girl called Jessica Peterson.
Goats on the Road – I LOVE the title of this blog and the writers Nick and Dariece serve up some immense travel tales!
The Happiness Plunge – Adam’s excellent site where he talks about his epic Happy Nomad tour. Inspiring!
Holiday Weather – Dan’s site on weather around the world
HSBC – They offer travel insurance that covers multiple and long trips
Indefinite Adventure – Sam and Zab are from the UK but the world is their oyster as their passionate site details their wanders around the planet!
Indie Travels: Make your own road with these guides and tips for independent travellers.
Indie Travel Media: This is a great site for hosting travel blogs, run by Craig.
Indie Travel Podcasts: Run by Linda and Craig, this is an excellent site with a travel; blog and travel Podcasts.
Indie Trips: A travel site that focuses on independent trip advice for independent travellers.
Jandals and a Backpack – Follow Alaina’s travel journey
Just Wandering – Nina Fuentes writes consistently and passionately and has featured on the Lonely Planet.
Kaleidoscopic Wandering – This epic travel site aims to travel the world “one colour at a time”, Joanna is a rainbow lover and a successful writer.
Karolina Kokosz – The story of a traveller who managed to cause pain to others through lies.
LillaGreen – This blog by Tsvete & Peter is all about their round the world journey immersing themselves in nature and exploring.
Live Less Ordinary – Allan Wilson mixes food with culture with random travel tips, stories and overall quirkiness. This is Wanderlust Blog of the Year 2013!!! Check it out!
Luke Junglewalker – The amazingly cool website of my travel buddy Lukas from Switzerland who I roomed with in Kyrgyzstan. Check out Luke’s story and photos.
Man On The Lam: A cubicle-escapee with an addiction to oddities, Raymond writes about quirky getaways, offbeat attractions, and unique adventures.
Martha Stewardess: Join sassy-mouthed Martha – flight attendant to the stars – as she makes her way around the globe. This is Living at 34,000 feet.
Millwall Neil’s Travels – Follow Neil Macey’s journeys around the world
Mo Saffer – Cool site with awesome tips and stories from Mo, a travel lover!
Monk Bought Lunch – Stephen’s awesome site has a load of stories and tips from Central Asia – he has been to some really off the wall places!
My First Ever Travel Blog – This is my original travel blog from 1991 in e-Book form, released in 2015.
Next Stop Who Knows – Top Irish Lad Carlo has been around, the best thing about his journey is that even he doesn’t know where he will end up next!! I love his site and outlook on life, similarly to me it’s all about working on the move to keep the dreams alive.
Nice Guy Seduction – As the title suggests, this is an epic website where Guy travels around the world and writes about his experiences with those fine ladies we encounter on the journey.
Nomadic Matt – Matt is simply one of the best known travel bloggers out there, you NEED to check out his site!
Nomadic Notes – James from Melbourne has done over a decade of being a digital nomad. An excellent inspiring blog!
Nomadic Samuel – Samuel runs an incredibly successful travel website which is a great resource for any aspiring backpackers!
No Place To Be – Poi and Kirsty are a wandering English couple who know their stuff when it comes to South East Asia.
Northern Irishman in Poland – Follow Ulster travel writer Jonny Blair who now lives in Poland and writes about it.
One Giant Step – Follow Gillian’s giant steps travels!
Pommie Travels – Victoria gave up the 9-5 lifestyle in her home city of Manchester to see the world!
Preply – A cool teaching site for travel and learners.
R n R Travel – Raymond and Ryan’s cool blog from their journeys around the world.
Round the World Gap Year – Excellent site for those keen on taking a gap year to see the world!
Rucksack Ramblings – A cool travel blog from Liam Alford.
Sam and the Dunes – Meet Alex, Hanna and Sam – bloggers, world travelers and connoisseurs of better things in life!
Santa Fe Travelers – Billie and Steve have been on the road together for an incredible 37 years! An amazing site.
Smiling Faces Travel Photos – I love this website which shows travel photos of that marvellous universal phenomenon – the smile!
Solo Retirement Travel – Jonathan Look took early retirement to travel the world a few years back! Follow his adventures.
Solo Travel Uncut – Cool and inspiring travel site from Ruann Weidemann.
Spunky Girl Monologues – A quirky site from a social butterfly and avid traveller, follow Pamela’s adventures!
Stingy Traveller:  Stretching your travel dollar without compromising experiences, the Stingy Traveller shows penny-pinchers that inexpensive travel can be as effortless as it is rewarding.
Stuck Travels – Stu Clark’s site about being stuck and ready to travel and explore on an adventure.
Suitqais Diaries – Adrian’s excellent global travel blog, a man born in England and raised in Oman who has gone backpacking, living, volunteering and working as a marine biologist in over 40 countries!
Super Nerdo – Follow Ian’s Superman esque journeys as he hacks life while on  the road!
Terrance’s World Travel Blog – Terrance Wong is a mate of mine from my Antarctica trip and writes passionately with fantastic photos!
The Global Grasshopper – Talk about globehopping, Becky and Gray, the Global Grasshoppers do it in some style and with an absolutely must read travel blog!
The Globe Trekker – Robert Roach is the Globe Trekker: “Our world through my eyes” is his motto!
The Lost Passport – Cool site from Josh about travelling the unknown.
The Professional Hobo – Nora Dunn’s site is a fantastic guide to travelling full time in a financially sustainable way. Well worth checking out!!
That Backpacker – Follow Audrey the wandering lady who “wants more stamps on her passport”.
The Best Travelled – This is a phenomenal site aimed to track who is the best travelled blogger in the world – there are links to thousands of top quality websites on here!
The Happy Explorer – Keith is a Dutch guy and loves travelling and writing about his journeys!
The Travel Republic – Join Sammie’s travel adventures – she’s a fellow China fan!
The Travelling Squid – Follow Phebe’s cool journeys round the planet.
The World According to Weech – Join Ray Wiecha’s ace journeys round the globe, telling things the way they are and loving his life. YOLO.
The Wrong Way Home – Join Izy Berry on a solo quest to check out the world on a long term basis.
Todd’s Wanderings – Todd is a conflict resolution and human rights expert who also happens to be a fantastic writer and run a highly successful travel blog! Really worth checking out!
Travel Blog Exchange – As the title suggests, it’s a travel blog exchange.
Travel Blogs – Stories, advice and the internet’s best travel blogs.
Travel Bytez – Great site with snippets of ramblings on travel, food, shopping, living and anything else that comes to mind.
Travel Escapism:  Escape the everyday, any day with this travel site focused on weekend getaways.
Travel Globe: Your destination for info on budget and adventure travel.
Travel Guide from Travel Junkie – Great site with awesome destination tips to get you inspired.
Travel Jobs – Great travel job site by Jooble
Travel Jots – Excellent travel site from Pooja and Rex
Travel Toodle – Cool travel site full of tips from Julia
travelWIRED:  Visit travelWIRED for travel technology tips and destination guides to keep you connected on the road.
Travel on your Lonesome – Solo Travel Advice for Solo Travellers – Helping you create your own adventure.
Traveller Path – Complete Travel Guide – Traveller Path – Best travel guide about India, Find places to visit in India, places to see, what to eat, how to reach and more.
Traveling 9 to 5 – Check out Caroline and Josh’s excellent site, much better than working 9 to 5!!
Travelling Cheaply – Spend less. See More! Budget travel advice to help you and your money travel go further.
Travelling Hong Kong Girl – Panny Yu is the Hong Kong girl who escaped her skyscraping homeland to visit all seven continents
Travel Photography Tips – If you need some awesome tips on taking photos on your travels, check this out!!
Travel With Mates – This is a cool site about travelling with your mates, run by Kar and Nikki.
Travel Wonders – Mark is a VERY experienced traveller – like myself he’s been to every continent, his site is simply phenomenal.
Trip Temptation – Cool site by Alina helping you on your travels around the world.
Tripologist – Jim Cheney runs a fantastic website which proves you can see the world on a backpacker’s budget.
Tropical Nomad- Join top Irish lad Adam Finan, who has worked his way to 3 continents and has endless travel plans! (link no longer active)
Ulster Cherry – Backpacking journeys from a Northern Irish Cherry fan
Unedited Journeys – Follow this fascinating blog round the world!
Unusual Earth – Cool travel blog with off the wall places.
Vagabonding Life – I LOVE Greg’s enthusiastic site Vagabonding Life. He has a passion for travel and loves the outdoors. Check out his Borneo and China stuff. Inspiring!
Velvet Escape – The guy who gave up his bank job to travel the world!
Wanderlust – Say no more – the online version of this popular UK travel magazine is an immense resource to the entire planet. I also won their blog of the week recently!
The World Is A Book – Abbi Morrison is a Northern Irish lady now living in New Zealand, she “gets around”
Wanderlust and Lipstick – A fantastic passionate travel blog with a ‘girly’ feel to it!
Wandering Earl – This dude wanders and his name is Earl!
We Blog The World – Renee Blodgett covers the entire world, with this totally extensive blog for every destination!!
Wesley Travels – Follow Wes’s travel and stories around the world.
Where the hell is Rory? – Well I guess you will just have to click to find out the whereabouts of this globetrotting nomad!
Worldwide Travel Advice – Your first stop for worldwide travel insights, tips and advice.


You Versus the Globe – Take on the world and win! Global travel advice and insights.

Zof Picks the Pics Up – Top Travel Blog from Armenia and beyond from Zofia!

Teaching and Travel Sites:
Teach English Travel Overseas – All you need to know about teaching English overseas!
Teaching Traveling – Run by Lillie, this is an essential resource if you are serious about travelling and teaching or vice versa 😉

Selected Other Travel Sites:

Backpacker PR – Good Public Relations site connecting brands with backpackers
Backpacking Guide – Great site with some excellent tips for backpackers!
Business Backpacker – Excellent site about making backpacking into a business
Explored Planet – Loads of global travel tips
Hostel Jobs – Working in hostels around the world
Luxury Dream Escape – For those on a more luxury budget
Making Money from Your Travel Blog – Great Site and even better e-Book to help you succeed with your travel blog!
My Blogging Journey – Heather delves into travel blogging further with ways to help you create and succeed as a blogger.
Project Hideaway – More luxury tips from round the world
Travel Backpacks – Good site for buying backpacks
Visa Nerd – Government sites give you facts, Visa Nerd gives you the real experience when dealing with visas.

By Country/Specific Destination:

My Travel Buddies Websites (all mates from my travels!):

365 – My friend Kathryn MacDonald Taylor’s journey world the world for a year
Anti-Clockwise Around the world – Epic travel blog from my cousin, Paul Scott, another wandering Ulsterman
Boutique Bangkok – Allan Wilson lives an ex-pat life in Bangkok, he knows the ins and outs of this place 😉
A Gallimaufry of Travelling Tales – My Antarctica buddy Clare Preskett’s blog
Finding the Black Gold – My Brazilian mate Cassiano’s excellent travel blog
Maggie Wabudka on Instagram – My Polish friend Maggie’s cool Instagram feed
Karolina Kokosz – Starogard Girl – Follow Karolina Kokosz, the Starogard Girl who played a part in my journey
The World Is A Book – Abbi Morrison is a Northern Irish lady now living in New Zealand, she “gets around”
This Charmed Life – Excellent life and reflections blog from my ex-girlfriend, the crazy artist Helen McMahon
Travelling Hong Kong Girl – Panny Yu is the Hong Kong girl who escaped her skyscraping homeland to visit all seven continents
Terrance’s World Travel Blog – Terrance Wong is a mate of mine from my Antarctica trip

My Other Sites:

My First Travel Blog – This began in 2007 – this is my first ever travel blog which was also called Don’t Stop Living, and contains years of my travel archives!
My Lyrics Blog – I write lyrics as I travel, I jotted a few of them on this site in 2009.
Travelling Northern Ireland Flag – I travel round the world with my Northern Ireland flag, I’ve got quite far! 6 counties, 7 continents, one man and his flag 😉
Ulster Cherry (to be updated) – I follow AFC Bournemouth as my football team and used to travel all over England watching them, I’ll be sticking my football stories on here!
Travel Companies and Tours I Recommend:
Abraham Tours
Website Design
Eldo Web Design – Scott at Eldo designed the Don’t Stop Living logo and banner and is awesome to work with!
Website Maintenance
Nexus Infoway – Joby at Nexus Infoway helps immensely to maintain websites.

E-Books I strongly recommend!!:

How to Travel the World for 50 US Dollars A Day! – From Nomadic Matt this is a standalone book released in February 2013 on how to travel the world on $50 a day. Say no more – BUY IT!!
How to Teach English Overseas – This e-Book is thorough and essential in landing a teaching job overseas.
How to Monetize Your blog – So you want to be a successful travel blogger and make money from it? This book is the one for you!!
My First Ever Travel Blog – my journey to the Netherlands in 1991
The Backpackers Guide to the Inca Trail – How to hike the Inca Trail in Peru
Nomadic Matt’s World Travel Tips – Matt Kepnes has been around!! Get his amazing e-Book on travelling the world!

My Top Internal Links on DSL:

How to do Australia on the Cheap – I busted the myth that Australia is expensive (dear), check out how YOU can do Australia on the cheap!
My Travel Timeline – Ever wondered how I manage to travel so much?? This link details where I’ve lived, worked, studied and travelled for the last 10 years since leaving Northern Ireland!!
How to backpack your way to Antarctica – Stop pretending that you need money to visit places like Antarctica – I lived my dream, and YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!
If you would like your site or blog listed here, send me an e-mail to jonny at or easier still just fill in the below comments form. Don’t Stop Living – a lifestyle of travel from just a normal travelling Northern Irishman

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  • Hey Jonny!

    Sent you an email earlier 🙂 I write stories about travelling around mainly ex soviet countries!

  • Hi Jummy. Thanks for the comment. Apologies for the delay. I have been going through depression and only checking through my old comments and messages now. These are good tourists to follow. Stay safe. Jonny

  • Dear Alona, Thanks for your comment and apologies for the delay in response. I have been suffering from long term depression caused by a serial liar. Due to this, I haven’t been checking emails, comments or messages as regularly, and in some cases, not replying. I have now replied. Stay safe. Best wishes. Jonny

  • Thanks for the sites man. So i have been to many of the sites above that was very helpful for panning the journey. I would like to recommend use multiple travel sites and cross-reference information to ensure accuracy and a comprehensive understanding of your chosen destinations. So during Manaslu Trek i was able book proper Manaslu Trek Guide with the help of these sites which was reasonable and helpful for me so Happy travels and enjoy appreciating the sites!
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