August 13, 2012

Travel Blog Advertising on Don’t Stop Living

Get your amazing products, brands or services on here. Don’t Stop Living is condemned to a lifestyle of travel and welcomes passionate advertisers. I write full time while also running other niche travel sites and working online so I’m a busy travel writer and I also travel more than most other travel writers – there are lots of fake travel blogs out there – mine is real! Travel blog advertising is getting more popular and Don’t Stop Living is a great spot for your brand.

I really travel the world – ALL these stories and memories are mine. Don’t Stop Living has been running since 2007, now into its third decade. It features stories from my travels around all seven continents and has been written, viewed and commented on from every continent.

welcome to Don't Stop Living

Travel Blog Advertising

Don’t Stop Living started in 2007 on the blogger platform and has developed into a highly passionate and insightful traveller’s website. It is updated DAILY and is always growing in readership, content and visitors hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

  • Don’t Stop Living is fearless and boundless. I will go anywhere and write about anything! That is my motto – fearless, boundless, 7 continent travel! I really do live a lifestyle of travel.
  • Don’t Stop Living is the longest running one man travel blog on the internet that covers all 7 continents!

I have a degree in Public Relations and have studied and worked in 7 countries across 4 continents. Don’t Stop Living sells itself – I am a global traveller and I have been to every continent and over a century of countries. I have more stories, tips and features than any other blogger out there. There are over 4,500 stories on this site alone.

Reasons to take advantage of travel blog advertising on Don’t Stop Living:

– I have over 8,000 Facebook followers
– I have over 9,000 Twitter followers
– I am ranked in the world’s top 100,000 websites on Alexa
– I have over 4,000 Instagram Followers
– I am a member of the Professional Travel Bloggers Association
– I am ranked in the top 100 travel blogs on Alexa
– I am ranked in the top 30 travel blogs in the world on blog top list
– I am ranked number 6 in the travel blog top sites list
– I have over 3,000 YouTube subscribers, and over 14,500 videos
– I have won numerous awards for my website
– I am connected on LinkedIn
– I am on Myspace
– I am on Upwork
– I am a passionate traveller and remember I REALLY TRAVEL
– I care about your brands

Payment Mode: DSL accepts payment via Paypal.

Extras: As well as an advertisement option, we also provide the niche with good PR and traffic through our social networks, DSL is on Facebook , InstagramYouTube, TikTok and Twitter.

If you are interested in advertising on DSL, having your hotel, bar or product reviewed or sponsoring DSL, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me! Advertise on almost any page or any part of DSL (within a few restrictions!). I accept these types of travel blog advertising/volunteering:

– Advertising
– Sponsorship
– Affiliate Marketing
– Book or product reviews
– Radio shows on travel
– Television shows on travel
– Product or Service placement (e.g. Tuesday’s Travel Essentials and Friday’s Featured Food)
– Volunteer work
– Charity work
– Football writing
– Links or mention in my e-Books
– Mentions in my printed books
– Sponsored trips, tours and holidays
– Hotel and hostel reviews

E-mail me personally: jonny at dontstopliving dot net, click here or easier still fill in the contact form below!

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