Podcasting Travel Writer: The Best Podcasts I Have Been On

On this post, I am including some of the best Podcasts I have done through the years. I am not including online videos, radio interviews, television interviews or speeches at events. These are just the actual Podcasts which can be downloaded and listened to. Most of them are still online and I have placed the links below, embedding where possible. They are listed in no particular order, and can also be viewed on my media and PR page.

Podcasting Travel Writer: The Best Podcasts I Have Been On

Podcasting live from the cool Penthouse Hostel in Yerevan Armenia

Stick It Up Yer Ballacks

During the pandemic, I listened to more and more Podcasts than ever before. Most of them were travel or football related, and I got into the best sports podcasts in UK, such as Quickly Kevin (1990s English Football), Spirit of 2016 (Northern Irish football) and Stick It Up Yer Ballacks. I had a regular appearance on Stick It Up Yer Ballacks as a quiz master where I’d set the football experts/geeks on there a quiz question and they’d have to guess it.

Stick It Up Yer Ballacks – Jonny Blair

16.I have a new quiz and teaser section on the excellent football podcast "Stick It Up Your Ballacks"!

Stick It Up Your Ballacks Podcast

Unstoppable Mindset

Back in 2013, while backpacking in Armenia, live from the Yerevan Hostel, I did a Podcast with Ian Robinson about an unstoppable mindset for travel. Those were glory days loyal and I reminisce on those wacaday times, before a book hat-trick, a century of countries and the nasty lies came to plunge me into deep depression.

Unstoppable Travel Mindset – Jonny Blair

jonny blair travel podcast

Listening in to my Podcast on my iPod while travelling.

The Pioneer Podcast

In 2021, during a lockdown, I grabbed a few beers in my flat in Poland and was interviewed by Gareth Johnson and Justin Martell in the excellent The Pioneer Podcast. This is run by the top notch travel company, Young Pioneer Tours. I have travelled with and represented YPT on many trips including North Korea (DPRK), China, Romania, Moldova, Saudi Arabia, Marshall Islands, Nauru and Poland.

The Pioneer Podcast – Jonny Blair

YPT - The Pioneer Podcast with Justin Martell and Gareth Johnson

YPT – The Pioneer Podcast with Justin Martell and Gareth Johnson

The John Freakin Muir Pod

My first world exclusive about my book series “Backpacking Centurion” went on the John Freakin Muir Pod in July 2020. This was a cool chat with Doc which involved all sorts of stories including Lock In Lee and the upcoming “Black Album”.

The John Freakin Muir Pod – Jonny Blair

Jonny Blair on the John Freakin Muir Podcast 2020

Jonny Blair on the John Freakin Muir Podcast 2020

Belfast Real

Northern Irishman Jonathan Watson got in touch around the time of the first “Backpacking Centurion” release and asked about doing a video Podcast. We organised it and filmed it online, during the pandemic. Sadly, I had my major accident just before this, but survived to tell the tale.


Some Podcasts I’m On

January 2014 – Travel Interview with Ian Robinson –  Podcast on Love Affair Travel.
June 2014 – Travel Interview with Brian Collins Podcast on Brian Tells Stories.
February 2015 – Travel Interview with Danny Flood Podcast for Open World Mag.
February 2015 – Travel Interview with Nathaniel Boyle for Daily Travel Podcast.
January 2017 – I am interviewed on International Poznan, going live on Facebook, Radio and Podcast.
January 2018 – I am interviewed for Ric Gazarian’s Counting Countries Series on Globaz Gaz.
October 2019 – I am interviewed for My Second Home Poland Podcast.
January 2020 – I am interviewed for The Global Weby Podcast.
July 4th 2020 – I am interviewed on the John Freakin’ Muir Pod with Doc.
September 2020 – I am interviewed by Jonathan Watson on the Belfast Real Podcast.
2020 – 2021 – I had a regular quiz show on the now defunct “Stick It Up Yer Ballacks”.
March 2021 – I am interviewed by Gareth Johnson on The Pioneer Podcast.
September 2021 – I am interview by Johnny Foley on The Armchair Fanatic Football Podcast.

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