6 Things About Travelling To Cairo You May Not Have Known?

Egypt is one of the most attractive places for travellers and I wrote fondlay about backpacking Egypt before. The pyramids and the ancient historical sites that are incredibly intact and portray the same pictures as it was in the past. If you are planning to visit the incredible Egyptian pyramids, we have some of the best tips for travelling guides for you that you didn’t know about Cairo, Egypt. Travellers from Gulf states may take any direct Dubai to Cairo flight and start their journey.

6 Things About Travelling To Cairo You May Not Have Known?

6 Things About Travelling To Cairo You May Not Have Known?

Temperature Check

Before travelling to Egypt, try to note the time when you are visiting it. Since the timings are very crucial, people sometimes visit Egypt in the summers and let’s add the note here that Egypt has high temperatures especially when it comes to exploring the pyramids, extreme rays from the sun can dehydrate you easily and you may not enjoy your travel as much as you thought.
So try to travel to such areas when there is spring or fall season or if you really want to travel in summer just check the temperature before leaving the stay area for exploration. This way you can enjoy quite a lot.

Dressing – Attire

Egypt is the place where Muslims majority live. They observe the Islamic dressings and rules, it is very common there. People as travellers there need to know that it would be quite a good move if they wear modest and decent dresses in order to avoid any inconveniences. Especially for solo female travellers, it is very important and a good tip not to wear any alluring dresses and do clothing that makes them spotlight while travelling. This may invite the undesired attention from conservative males around.

Backpacking in Egypt: Staying at the Australian Hostel in Cairo

Backpacking in Egypt: Staying at the Australian Hostel in Cairo

Transportation To use

If you are a budget traveller this tip is for you specially and other travellers can apply it as well. Cairo is a big city and it can not be visited in just a day so for travelling the mesmerizing places try to use buses or trams.This will surely save you quite a lot of money which would have been used to pay the uber or cab fare plus you will see the surrounding areas while travelling on the buses. This whole experience can be full of fun and save you time as well.

So instead of booking a cab for one or maybe two people try to travel on buses.


Expensive places

Due to the Covid-19 situation, Egypt has lost quite a few of its businesses and even because they are in the desert they have to live and survive on the Nile water. Secondly, to them, the tourism industry is very important. They charge more when it comes to selling products and services to the tourists, so keep that in mind whenever you travel to Cairo, Egypt.
Things will not be at the average rates but instead will be quite expensive. This thing is quite obvious because of the economic condition of the state. Plus if you intend to buy something from a street shop, I recommend buying it from the malls or brands shop. So at the same price, you would know that you got the right thing.



The light show did not with the money

After I learned it from many travellers, it was still unclear about this story. Which says that pyramid lightning is worth a chance to visit. Which was NOT! Pyramid lighting is quite a basic thing and the charges to watch the show are not compatible. Instead of watching it live with so much money, it will be good enough to spend it on a luxurious dinner with a mesmerizing pyramid view.

Safety Tips:

One of the best tips is to try to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings. This can save you quite some money as well and you can worry less about anything once you start observing the people and area around you. People when travelling to foreign countries don’t know the ways and people there and sometimes they get culture shock as we.. which is quite normal but to stay aware and accept everything as soon as possible can help you avoid any unwanted attention or any mishap.

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