Backpacking in England: A Cheapskate’s Guide to Doing London For Free

Visiting any Capital city is an exciting experience. You can fully immerse yourself in the heart of a country’s culture and get a real feel for the place within a couple of square kilometres. Unfortunately, Capital cities also tend to be the most expensive destinations to visit and London is no exception. With hotels, restaurants, and attractions knowing how to charge, it can be off-putting for those who like to enjoy their holidays on a budget. We’ve rounded up some tips for seeing iconic parts of London absolutely free of charge.

Latimer Road Tube Station. Change here for the Republic of Frestonia. Please mind the gap and have your passports ready for inspection at the border.

Backpacking in England: A Cheapskate’s Guide to Doing London For Free

Be Like a Beatle

We love a freebie at Don’t Stop Living and London is a great place for music lovers to enjoy lots of totally free music related experiences. If you’re looking for absolute Instagram gold then head to Saint John’s Wood, ideally with three friends and a photographer in tow. Here you’ll find the legendary Abbey Road Studios where the Beatles recorded the album, Abbey Road! Not only that though, you’ll find the pelican crossing where they took the photo that became cover art so famous that countless people have recreated it. Although it’s been done time and time again, it still makes a great shot, so get your camera at the ready.

Backpacking in England: A Cheapskate's Guide to Doing London For Free

Backpacking in England: Visiting the Famous Abbey Road in St. John’s Wood, London

Exclusive Clubs, From the Outside

London is famous for how well it caters to the mega-rich, so sometimes it can be a little tricky to find a true freebie. However, one of the nicest things about a city like this, is that they can’t stop you enjoying the finer things in life from the outside! There are some staggeringly beautiful buildings in London and one of them is Les Ambassadeurs. This is an exclusive casino club which costs a pretty penny to join, though you also benefit from organised fishing trips, personal shoppers at Harrods and a whole host of other upper class delights. However, if you want to enjoy casino games and the ambience of the club alone, then there is another solution, that costs a great deal less money. Vegas Slots Online has a wide variety of slot games that you can play in the UK using mobile data, or a wifi connection. So, although we might not be able to actually pay for entry to the exclusive Les Ambassadeurs club, we can sit in Hyde Park totally free of charge, look out on the grand facade of the club and play online. The Wellington Arch is a stunning memorial located in a tucked away corner of Hyde Park and it looks directly out onto the club. Grab yourself a picnic, play online there and you can feel smug in the knowledge that you’re saving thousands of pounds compared to everyone inside. Just pray for good weather!

James, Neil and I touring the canals of London

The Best Views in Life Are Free

London has one of the most instantly recognizable skylines in the world, so wouldn’t it be great if you could see it first-hand, for free? In 2014 the Walkie Talkie building was opened and on its 35th floor you’ll find the Sky Garden. This incredible indoor garden offers unparalleled views of the London skyline and, as long as you book a ticket, it’s free to visit. The garden itself is housed in a huge glass dome which means that even in the famous London drizzle, you can stay toasty inside thanks to a subtle greenhouse effect. Whilst entry is free whether you book or not, there’s not a queue for people who have booked online beforehand, so it is well worth doing. If you do fancy splashing the cash whilst you’re there then there’s a luxury restaurant that welcomes walk-ins, but in the spirit of seeing London for free, we’ll leave that part of the adventure up to you.

Getting Naked Again: Nude Yoga With Veronika in London, England

Getting Naked Again: Nude Yoga With Veronika in London, England

The National Gallery, Well, Almost Any Gallery

People who are familiar with travel around Europe will know that galleries are very reasonably priced across the majority of the continent. However, if you haven’t yet visited England then you might not be aware that almost all publicly owned collections in England are free to visit. London has an enormous number of galleries and museums that you can enjoy all day long, totally free of charge. Whilst many will suggest a donation on entry, it isn’t compulsory, so fill your boots! The National Gallery is a magnificent building to visit, whether you’ve an interest in art or not, but for those who do love classical art, it’s a dream come true. Thousands of paintings line the walls of this magnificent building, from Vermeer to Van Gogh. The only thing you need to remember is to give yourself sufficient time to see it all.

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