A Lifestyle of Travel: What’s The Trick?

When last did you take an out-of-town trip? I want to travel more but COVID has also restricted that. Time, money, responsibilities, among others, can be significant hiccups to your travel quests. So, how do some manage a travel lifestyle? You’ve watched the vlogs, read the blogs, and seen the amazing travel photos, and are wondering why that’s not a portion of your life. It is not too late; you, too, can start a travel lifestyle, see the world, and lead a fulfilling life. But how do you get started? Here are some of the proven tricks that can help you start a travel lifestyle.

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A Lifestyle of Travel: What’s The Trick?


Don’t just jump in; have a plan. You’d be surprised by how much you can achieve with a few tweaks. The market is loaded with competitive deals that can help you develop an itinerary within your budget and preferences. The best part is that many online tools can help you find deals and plan your travels. Flights, trains, buses, ferries, accommodation; mention it, and with the right sites, you’ll easily plan your quests. A plan, especially leaning into your strengths, can help you maintain a fun and productive travels while balancing work, family, and other responsibilities.

A Lifestyle of Travel: What’s The Trick?

An open mindset

Financing your travels isn’t the funniest part, but if you keep an open mind, it could be. For instance, while travelling across the world, you could find a way to earn. You can take jobs along the way; those odd roles you’ve never thought would generate some income. Teach a new language, work in eateries, especially if you’ve some secret recipes you’ve always wanted to give to the world, among other hacks. You could also volunteer to get something in return, for example, free accommodation and meals, making it easier to finance your trip. An open mindset lets you explore things you usually wouldn’t, helping you spice the travels and make it financially friendly.

Jonny Blair backpacking in Kaluts desert Iran

A Lifestyle of Travel: What’s The Trick?

Dial down

If you’re considering long-term travels, you can supercharge your quests by dialing down on your expenditure. For instance, staying in hotels can be expensive, not to mention costly meals. Tour a region like a local by considering hacks such as shared living arrangements. Co-living spaces are popular within the travel industry. You’ll learn a lot from other like-minded people, equipping you with tricks to make your travel venture more interesting and manageable. Local eateries, public transport, and other measures help you minimize expenses, boosting your efforts.

A mistake; more of a lesson

Your travelling endeavors won’t always be smooth. You’ll fail, perhaps more than you would like to admit. Trying new things doesn’t always feel right, but don’t let it knock you off balance. Don’t look at it more like a mistake, but a learning opportunity. It would be easier to give up, but then you won’t see the world. Keep going, learning along the way, and making adjustments that make the process better. A travel lifestyle is not all roses; you’ll have to be patient and persistent to breakthrough.


Travelling can be demanding, but if you do it right, it is fulfilling. With all the tools and readily available information in today’s online-oriented world, your desire to lead a travel lifestyle is within reach.

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