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Backpacking in Swaziland: Mbabane, Another Capital City Goes Abegging

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Mbabane! The capital city of….which country? You’ll ask me. Swaziland! And indeed another of those capital cities that I didn’t visit. I have a habit of missing capital cities. I haven’t been to Brasilia, Ottawa, Edinburgh, Sucre, Santiago (except the …

Backpacking in Swaziland: Touring Ezulwini Market

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Just check out the picture above, taken by myself from the central shopping mall at Ezulwini Market in the Malkerns Valley in Swaziland. What a gorgeous back drop and what a beautiful country Swaziland really is. It was an incredible …

Backpacking in Swaziland: Touring Gone Rural Handmade Gifts Centre

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When I look back on my travels so far in life, one of the most surprising countries for me was Swaziland. I just loved the place, there were a load of small yet cool things to see and do. This …

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