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Backpacking in Uzupis: Top 12 Sights in The Republic Nobody Has Heard Of

Posted By Jonny Blair on 16 Comments

I’ve been to some off the wall destinations on my travels. Countries that are unknown to many such as Nagorno Karabakh, Transnistria, Kosovo , Christiania and East Timor. Islands you’ve never heard of – Bruny Island, Cuverville Island, Sark and Atauro …

World Borders: How To Get To The Republic of Uzupis Within Vilnius, Lithuania

Posted By Jonny Blair on 10 Comments

This edition of World Borders is slightly wacky and different from the usual suspects. The reason is I crossed into the self declared arty Republic of Uzupis whilst remaining all the time within the same city, Vilnius housed in the …

Backpacking in Uzupis: The Constitution of the Republic You Never Heard Of

Posted By Jonny Blair on 13 Comments

While backpacking in Uzupis, you might have been aware I checked out the top 12 sights in this unknown self declared crazy Republic, after crossing the border across a bridge within the city of Vilnius, Lithuania. One of the key …