Top 15 Countries I Have Been To By Time Spent There

Top 15 Countries I Have Been To By Time Spent There

As you backpack through endless countries you’re constantly bumping your “day counts per country” up. Being based in Poland since 2016, this country soared up my life living rankings to number 4 and is now challenging Hong Kong for the bronze medal. It’s unlikely Northern Ireland will ever be knocked off the top spot in this crackaday list.

My local WiFi cafe while living in Brzezno, Gdańsk, Poland

Gold medal to my homeland beckons. I spent well over 23 years there. I lived there for 23 years, spending on average only 3 weeks per year outside the country. However for the last 15 years it has been the opposite. Since 2003 I have averaged less than three weeks per year in my beloved Northern Ireland. I left to see the world.

Backpacking in Northern Cyprus

So here is the list. My current top 15 countries that I have dedicated most of my life too. This is a cool list to compare to my other lists:

Countries I have visited by flags
Countries I have visited by number of visits
Countries I count as real countries from my travels
Where I have been

My top 11 countries that I like

GOLD – Northern Ireland -23 years
SILVER – England – 6 years
BRONZE – Hong Kong – 3 years
4. Poland – 2 years
5. Australia – 19 months
6. China – 3 months
7. Kyrgyzstan – 3 months
8. France – 3 months
9. New Zealand – 5 weeks
10. Germany – 5 weeks
11. India – 5 weeks
12. Uruguay – 1 month
13. Republic of Ireland – 1 month
14. Brazil – 1 month
15. Iran – 1 month

How about you? Do you have such a top 15? Compile one!

Sunset at Casapueblo, Punta Ballena, Uruguay

Backpacking in Iran: Sunset at the Kaluts Desert

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