5 Tips to renting the perfect luxury villa in Mexico

5 Tips to renting the perfect luxury villa in Mexico

I had such a great time backpacking in Mexico in 2014, it’s one of the rare countries where I had to eat three meals a day as the food was just so delicious. We had the pleasure of staying in different accommodation during our trip, as well as hotels and hostels, also luxury villas. This is a great option for where you stay in Mexico, check out sites such as https://enjoymexico.net/villa-rentals/ to organise a super place to stay. Get a luxury villa organised and tour this historic country.

Jumping for joy in the Mexican countryside – visiting Teotihuacan in Mexico.

1.Safe and Secure Location

Being safe and secure is important. So have a look at the surroundings and make sure it it well protected. You don’t want to have to put up with intruders or attacks, so safety is paramount.

Backpacking in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico.

2.Easy Access to Main Roads

As an overland tourist, you want easy access in and out. Mexico can get really busy and overcrowded in the big cities. So for this reason, it is important to have easy access in and out. If you are hiring a car, make sure you know the route in and out well. If you rely on public transport of course the villa you choose must be near a bus or train station for ease of moving on.

Backpacking from Mexico to Guatemala at Ciudad Cuauhtemoc.

3.Near to a Good Restaurant

Don’t rent a villa in the middle of nowhere! Yes, self catering might sound good but actually Mexican chefs are amazing so you will want to try some authentic well cooked local Mexican food. So at least have a decent restaurant nearby to sample great enchiladas, burritos and tacos! And also a few shots of tequila and some cerveza.

Eating amazing Mexican food

4.Swimming Pool

If you are splashing out on luxury and want to relax, then aim for a place that has its own swimming pool. Here you can swim in the privacy of your own villa. You can invite others round for a pool party and really relax. Plus you can skinny dip as nobody will be there watching.

Top floor swimming pool

5.Good value

Of course the price is important so aim for a place with good value. Never pay more for a private villa than you could in a hotel, as it doesn’t make much sense to forfeit that type of security and comfort for the sake of a few extra Mexican pesos. So look around for the best deal before deciding which place you want to stay in.

View down into Monte Alban from Platforma Sur.

Finally, have a great time! Mexico is a stunning country to travel in. We backpacked it for three weeks in 2010 and loved it, especially Mexico City and the Mayan ruins at places like Palenque, Monte Alban and Teotuahucan.

View of countryside from Monte Alban.

Touring Monte Alban Mexico3

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