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Top 5 Things to See and Do in Doha, Qatar (In One Day)

Posted By Jonny Blair on 11 Comments

I’ve touched on Qatar before on this blog, as I have passed through it twice now, in 2011 and at the end of 2013. As the country prepares in advance for the World Cup of 2022, I checked out the …

How to Get a Qatar Visa at Doha International Airport

Posted By Jonny Blair on 22 Comments

On my travels, I’ve ended up in a load of random places due to flight connections, cheap routes etc. and the whole ridiculous (but nice) fact that it’s often cheaper to take a stop over than it is to fly …

Northern Irishman Spotted In Doha B Muslim Hostel, Qatar

Posted By Jonny Blair on Leave a comment

It was an odd but enjoyable experience to stay overnight in a Muslim Hostel. It was also a short lived one. On my first trip to Qatar in 2011, I spent a night in Doha B Hostel, Doha, Qatar. I …

Arrival in Doha, Qatar: Good Evening Middle East

Posted By Jonny Blair on 3 Comments

It is possible you’ve never heard of Doha, it hardly advertises itself to you in the same way as New York, Paris and Buenos Aires do. But this, is a special, “sleeping giant” capital city of intrigue. It was my …