Arrival in Doha, Qatar: Good Evening Middle East

Arrival in Doha, Qatar: Good Evening Middle East

It is possible you’ve never heard of Doha, it hardly advertises itself to you in the same way as New York, Paris and Buenos Aires do. But this, is a special, “sleeping giant” capital city of intrigue.

It was my first ever trip to the “Middle East” (itself an oxymoron) and came about in the way of connecting flights, giving me a night and morning in Doha for no extra cost. This meant I wanted to see a bit of the city in the short time that I had but also get a flavour for the Middle East which is one of the parts of the world I am keen to go and explore next.

Doha is the capital city of Qatar, the country or state. It’s a small state, oddly shaped and with a population of less than Northern Ireland. Qatar recently won the bid to host the FIFA 2022 World Cup. That was a bit of a shock to be honest, but looking at it, it’s nice to give places like this a chance of the limelight.

While Qatar’s neighbours fight over oil and land (e.g. Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait etc…), Qatar sits shyly rich and proud on the edge of the United Arab Emirates.

It is not dangerous at all. I felt very safe and very much at home there.

Flight from Johannesburg to Doha saw me pass over Ethiopia.

Sunset in Ethiopia.

Flight food.

Onboard reading material – Qatar had just hosted the Asian Cup.

Flight ticket.

Qatar at night from the air.

Onboard music system.

Free socks, earphones, toothbrush and toilet bag. Qatar Airways are EXCELLENT. Could not recommend them enough.

Arrival in Doha, Qatar.

Thanks for flying.

Airport Bus. First time for me in the Middle East. Was so surreal and such a journey. Am really keen to go back with Yu Pan Yu next time. More on Doha to follow!
From – Johannesburg, South Africa to Doha, Qatar
Drinks – Chilean Wine, Beer, Water, Tea, Orange Juice (when stuff is included in the price I drink a lot)

Food – See photos and work it out. Qatar Airlines is easily one of the best.

Transport Used – Qatar Airlines, Qatar Airport Bus, Doha Taxi, Soweto Backpackers Minibus

Strange Currencies – South African Rand, Qatar Riyal



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