“and you know what it means to me babe…” – My jaded Hong Kong princess

It’s possible that this blog is often pieced together at random intervals without showing a flowing indication of my life, so this post will hopefully show the current beliefs. 
And is dedicated to the forlorn, special and worldly Yu Pan Yu. Love hurts and always will hurt us, but something special should shine through. That will be love.

Here, on another trip of destiny I have fallen in love again. And only beacuse my wandering heart led me to the cold waters of Antarctica. For whatever fate dealt me and led me there, gave me a time scheduled meeting with an equally travelled Hong Kong angel, by the name of Yu Pan Yu.

“Love hurts, I won’t be fooled again” wrote Scottish band Wet Wet Wet back in 1995, and for this era of life I did believe that was the end, I had failed at love and no other chance would ever arise. Then in walks Yu Pan Yu and changes the moods of this often melencholic Northern Irishman.

My fate later led me to Uruguay, a country I was hell bent on seeing and there I invited the young Yu Pan Yu out for a drink. It’s always worth a try, even if the lady says no, but she said yes and she bounced along gallantly to the Plaza Independencia, in front of what was once South America’s highest building.

From there a real smile was raised and something which would stay with me for the duration of my recent trip through South America. As i travelled alone, I could only think of having Yu Pan Yu with me.

Having Mate tea with Yu Pan Yu in Manchester Bar, Montevideo.
I invited Yu Pan Yu to the Irish Pub in Montevideo, and she said yes even though she rarely drinks alcohol. Enjoying fake Irish black beer with her!

Finally I met with Yu Pan Yu recently and have fallen for this lady in ways we cannot describe. I only pray each night she will be mine and will want me in the same way.

Love hurts us all of course, but the Beatles said “it’s real love, it’s real.” Time will tell, and for once and forever I dedicate myself and all my history to the future of Yu Pan Yu.

Yu Pan Yu, I love you. 
I hope destiny leads me back to you soon, whether in Hong Kong, or further afield….


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