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iracoubo war memorial

Backpacking in French Guyana: A Stop Over in Iracoubo

Posted By Jonny Blair on 4 Comments

French Guyana continued to surprise. It really is the laid back version of France. Scattered mini villages and towns along our drive from Cayenne to St. Laurent du Maroni gave us glimpses of country and village life in this often …

How to Get a Suriname Visa in Cayenne, French Guyana

Posted By Jonny Blair on 3 Comments

This one felt good, I won’t deny that. The reason being that in 2011 it was a big hassle and stress the first time I got my Suriname Visa, I wrote about that before in the Suriname Visa struggle post …

Backpacking in French Guyana: Sinnamary and a Television Remote Control

Posted By Jonny Blair on 4 Comments

OK so after crossing from Brazil into French Guyana, we were keen to explore some of this unusual country. It’s basically a part of France bunged right into South America. We toured the capital city of Cayenne including turtle watching …

Backpacking in French Guyana: Things to see and do in St. Laurent du Maroni

Posted By Jonny Blair on 1 Comment

Most overland backpackers to the Guyanas will pass through the French Guyana riverside town of St. Laurent Du Maroni. For us we used it as our stepping stone to Suriname but still spent a day and night to check out …

World Borders: How to Get From French Guyana to Suriname (St. Laurent du Maroni to Albina)

Posted By Jonny Blair on 13 Comments

In my ongoing series of world borders, I aim to make things easier for you all to cross into new countries. Having arrived into French Guyana from Brazil on the east, it was time to leave the country on the …

french guyana travel kourou

Backpacking in French Guyana: Top 6 Things to see and do in Kourou

Posted By Jonny Blair on 6 Comments

If you end up backpacking in French Guyana, you should try and make it to the town of Kourou. Not only is this place right next to the Space Centre (C.S.G.), but it’s a real chilled out town where you can …

turtle watching novotel beach cayenne

Turtle Watching at Novotel Beach, Cayenne, French Guyana

Posted By Jonny Blair on 3 Comments

One of my most memorable experiences from my 3 days in Cayenne in French Guyana was turtle watching at Novotel Beach. This was a real surprise for us. We knew turtle watching and viewing was something you could do in …

where to watch world cup

41 Different Places That I Have Watched World Cup 2014 So Far

Posted By Jonny Blair on 11 Comments

The World Cup is just crazy. As a massive football fan, it’s taken me 34 years to finally make it to a World Cup and see the atmosphere for real in Brazil 2014 and it’s just incredible. However I have …

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