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Backpacking in Swaziland: Staying at Swaziland Backpackers in Matsapha, Malkerns Valley

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I’ve been going through all my old travel memories recently as I aim to get a book on my journeys released soon and I literally can’t believe the amount of unwritten articles I have on here. So here is my …

mantenga swaziland

Backpacking in Swaziland: The Sibhaca Dance and Mantenga Cultural Village

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I admit that I haven’t even begun to write about most of my travel experiences on here yet, some have simply had to slip through the net. If I stopped travelling NOW, I’d have enough stories for one post every …

swaziland barbecue lunch

Friday’s Featured Food: Swazi Barbecue Lunch in Malkerns Valley, Swaziland

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Today’s Friday’s Featured Food is a Swazi style barbecue lunch. Swaziland is a culture fest of its own. Yes, this small country which is landlocked is a proud place and the food is good. It is different to neighbouring South …

Lavumisa border stamp in Swaziland

World Borders: How to get from South Africa to Swaziland, Golela to Lavumisa

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In my ongoing series of world borders, I make border crossing a lot more clear, simple and easy for you based on my own experiences. Today you will be very pleased to learn that the border crossing from South Africa …

Backpacking in Swaziland: Swazi Lunch, Malkerns Valley and The Palace

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Some people haven’t even heard of Swaziland. Others didn’t know it was a country. Some people even visit the east part of South Africa and give Swaziland a miss. But for some reason, I decided it was worth the trip. …

Backpacking in Swaziland: Touring Swazi Candles Workshop

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The sheer joy of touring round Swaziland’s central valleys offered more than you’d expect. We turned up on the roadside by a restaurant and a candle factory. Swaziland has a strong tradition and culture for handcrafted items.  But it was …

Backpacking in Swaziland: Visiting Mantenga Falls

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I find when I travel that in general, waterfalls NEVER disappoint and I’ll stand by that. This one, Mantenga Falls came somewhat as a surprise. Swaziland had enjoyed a lot of rain recently and I particularly enjoyed relaxing in the …

Backpacking in Swaziland: House On Fire, Swaziland’s Arty Nightclub

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If Swaziland is a somewhat unknown traveller’s location, then it’s certainly a very under estimated one and springs a surprise to most. My trip to Swaziland was easily one of my random highlights from three weeks in southern Africa.  I …

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