Friday’s Featured Food: Swazi Barbecue Lunch in Malkerns Valley, Swaziland

swaziland barbecue lunch

Friday’s Featured Food: Swazi Barbecued Lunch in the Malkerns Valley of Swaziland.

Today’s Friday’s Featured Food is a Swazi style barbecue lunch. Swaziland is a culture fest of its own. Yes, this small country which is landlocked is a proud place and the food is good. It is different to neighbouring South Africa. Once part of the British Empire, Swaziland enjoys a freedom of its own and tourism has taken off, at least for off the beaten track type travellers. Here’s the story of my Swazi barbecue lunch in Malkerns Valley…

bottle shop in swaziland

The bottle store for buying a Sibebe beer to accompany the barbecued lunch in Swaziland.

I headed there for 4 days in 2011 and on a tour round the Malkerns Valleys, we stopped at a local roadside stop for some tasty Swaziland barbecue style food. I was travelling on a tour with the Swaziland Backpackers and there were 8 of us together. After getting our table for lunch it was time to head to the Liquor Store next door to buy some beer to drink with our lunch.

swaziland barbecued lunch

Our table with the Swazi food on it over lunch in the fantastic Malkerns Valleys.

The chicken and pork is put on the barbecue and you wait in the relaxation of the valleys while it is prepared for you. No forks, knives, chopsticks or spoons are provided. This is very much a “eat with your hands” culture. It wasn’t long before a mix of spicy vegetables, cooked chicken and maize was set down in front of us for a feast.

swazi lunch and a cold sibebe beer

My plate with some of the Swazi lunch on it.

Sipping my ice cold Sibebe lager in the Swaziland wilderness while sampling the local barbecued food was awesome – I loved it.

backpacking in swaziland

Enjoying an ice cold Sibebe beer in the wilderness at my hostel in Mahlanya, Swaziland.

I’d recommend watering it down with a couple of bottles or cans of Sibebe – Swaziland’s only beer and a good one at that. I’ve written a fair bit about Swaziland before, and though Africa is my least travelled continent to date, I can’t wait to head back there, hopefully next year I’ll hit it up again. I don’t have any videos of my Swazi barbecue lunch in Malkerns Valley, but here’s a video from the Lunar Lounge bar with Oasis song Wonderwall on instead:

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