10 Best Family-Friendly Attractions in Singapore

10 Best Family-Friendly Attractions in Singapore

Thanks to its safety, cleanliness, hospitality and beauty, Singapore is a premier, family-friendly city. This city has something to offer for every member of a family in terms of fun and amusement. Here are some of the family friendly attractions you must visit in a Singapore family vacation:

  1. Singapore Night Safari

Singapore Night Safari offers a premier attraction and wonderful entertainment to all its visitors.

It is dedicated to conserving, rescuing and researching in order to improve the life of wild animals. At the Singapore Night Safari, you will have a chance to see thousands of animals from all continents in the enormous environment of this zoo.

This zoo will make you and your family feel as if you have taken a trip around the world through the walking trails and trams connecting eight geographical regions.

10 Best Family-Friendly Attractions in Singapore

  1. Gardens By The Bay

Gardens by the Bay is an enormous and colorful park that is spread out across the Marina Bay. They are quite a sight to behold for the whole family. When nightfall sets in, they turn into a spectacular array of light.

The park has huge seashell-shaped greenhouses and super tree structures, which will give you an amazing skywalk over the gardens. There are hundreds of beautiful trees and plants for the whole family to explore. To get the best view of the gardens, go to the top of Marina Bay Sands, which is directly opposite the park.

10 Best Family-Friendly Attractions in Singapore

  1. The Singapore Flyer

Take a ride at the Singapore Flyer for a thrilling family experience. Singapore Flyer is 165 meters high and the second largest observation wheel in the planet. You will take approximately thirty minutes for one ride and you will be treated to spectacular panoramic views of the city.

  1. Botanic Gardens

Escape from bustle of the city and have a family picnic moment as you enjoy the beauty, peace and tranquility of the Botanic Gardens. These gardens are among the most popular places that is loved by families. Botanic Gardens offers a diverse variety of amazing areas to explore as a family including fountains, lakes, well-manicured lawns, paths to scoot on, turtles to feed and sculptures to admire.

  1. Singapore Chinatown

Exploring Chinatown with the kids is one of the best things to do while in Singapore. You can do some souvenir-shopping, try out some Chinese cuisines and visit the Chinatown Heritage Centre that is at the heart of Chinatown for Chinese migrant history insights. When it gets a bit hotter and hectic, sit under tree shades at the square and enjoy watching groups of Chinese men playing checkers.

10 Best Family-Friendly Attractions in Singapore

  1. Hawker Centre

Treat your family to a delightful culinary adventure at the Singapore Hawker Centers, which represents the city’s version of street food. There are so many Hawker Centers all over the city offering some of the best cuisines in Singapore. Take some time to stroll around before you pick a place to eat. If you are in the heart of the city, try out the Lau Pa Sat; they are known for their great Singaporean cuisines.

  1. Singapore River Cruise

Another great family fun activity is taking boat cruise around the Singapore River. This ride will allow you to catch the best sights of the city including the Marina Bay and the Quays. You can board the cruise boats either at the Marina Bay or in the Robertson Quay and take a forty minutes ride to cruise the entire river as you enjoy the spectacular views of the city.

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  1. MacRitchie Reservoir

If you are the kind of a family that loves nature walks and activities such as hiking, MacRitchie Reservoir is the place for you. Take a walk along the hiking paths and walk paths around the MacRitchie Reservoir. It is home to more than eight hundred flower plants species and about five hundred animal species. The cream of this trip is the treetop walk that is made of 250-meter long freestanding suspension bridge. It allows you to have a spectacular view of the animals and plants in the rainforest from a 25-meter high position. You will cover a total of 11km to get through the entire forest and it might be a bit tough for the small kids.

  1. Orchard Road Malls for shopping

Everyone loves to do some great shopping and it is only fair that you shop as a family before leaving this attractive city. Shopping in Singapore can never be complete until you do it from the chain of malls at the Orchard Road. This road stretches for over two kilometers and hosts more than twenty massive shopping malls, all connected by underground tunnels. You can find anything that you could be looking for when shopping.

  1. National Museum of Singapore

The national museum of Singapore should also be in the list of the to-do things in Singapore. It is an excellent attraction, lively and has a lot to offer for the whole family. Children fun moments are provided by the colorful children activity rooms that keeps them entertained.


The number of family friendly activities in Singapore is endless. But you should try and visit the above-mentioned attractions at least to have an unforgettable family vacation in Singapore. If you fall in love with Singapore, you can consider moving to Singapore and live as an expat. You can earn a handsome monthly salary as a freelance English tutor (sign up here) in Singapore as teaching is one of the most respected professions in Singapore.


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