3 Cool facts about Bogota, Colombia

3 Cool facts about Bogota, Colombia

Bogota is Colombia’s capital city, which you will find at the central point of the country. Initially, the Spaniards established the town in the 1500s. The locals, however, started to revolt against the Spanish army in the 1800s.

They then formed their government and made it the capital city of Gran Colombia- its former name. Bogota offers a wide range of activities and sightseeing sceneries that both foreigners and locals can enjoy, and that is what we are going to discuss today.

Bogota is approximately the same size as London and is the home to more than nine million Bogotanas. It’s an up and coming city, with all the major companies now working in and out of COlombia. This means that questions like does Amazon ship to Colombia? no longer need asked. They can.

Here are cool facts you should know about the city.

  1. The weather is superb

Once you get to Colombia, you would want to spare a lot of time to sightsee the whole town. Trust me; you do not want to miss any of the adventures that Bogota provides.

The city is very high and sits on a plateau, which means that the area climate is desirable. Rainy seasons come in September to November while the sunny seasons come between December and February.

Because of the beautiful weather patterns, you are sure that you will be safe when you visit the Monserrate, which locals consider it as the highest point within the city.

Note that flowers grow throughout the year.

  1. Great sightseeing opportunities

Well, since the area is high, you can hike around the Monserrate or take a cable car, which you ride to get to the highest point.

Additionally, tourists can engage in pigeon feeding in the city square. You will have to carry some pigeon pebbles; otherwise, known as corn. You can also decide to take a walking tour. Various companies provide that for tourists where they offer a tour guide for a two-hour walk around the city.

His or her work is to take you through the numbered streets, as you see the tall buildings,

walls, and houses with graffiti. The Bogota furnished apartments are worth checking out.

You will get to see great handcrafts and apparels made by locals.

  1. Awesome Culture and Cuisines

Primarily, the culture within the area is excellent. The locals are friendly, and you will be sure to enjoy your stay in the city.

Tourists can rent out Bogota Furnished Apartments at an affordable price. You have the option of sharing your hostel with a roommate or have a private space on your own. You should also note that you can get from one place to another through Uber or the bus system.

You should also have a taste of their cuisines. The most common one is the Ajiaco. It is an exotic soup with chicken, potatoes, sweet corn and cream on top.

The meal also comes with rice and avocado. You should also have time to taste local food on the streets as well in excellent restaurants, which you can locate in various spots within the city.

Local bus in Colombia

On a bus in Bogota, COLOMBIA



Be sure to learn about the history of the city during your visit. You will find more than 57 museums and 35 libraries in the city. Additionally, there are 162 monuments, 20 public squares, and 25 churches.


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