4 Camping Destinations You and Your Friends Will Love This Summer

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4 Camping Destinations You and Your Friends Will Love This Summer

Summer is prime camping season for anyone who loves the outdoors. Warmer nights and clear starry skies are just a few reasons to gather friends for some down time in nature. When picking a campsitedestination is key to making the trip enjoyable and memorable. These four summer camping destinations are sure to inspire and thrill any outdoor junkie.

  1. Ocean Sand Dunes


What’s not to love about ocean air and off-road driving? Beach camping is fun for friendswith varyinginterests. It offers access to the water for those who want to catch a wave while providing more thrilling options for those who want to try their hand at scaling the sand. Be sure to equip the Jeep with winch accessories if you plan on crawling the dunes.


  1. Rugged Rock Formations

When looking for a more unique camping experience, desert rock landscapes have a lot to offer. Their outer-space-like beauty is ideal for hiking and exploring. Off roaders will want to attach Jeep bumpers designed for climbing the rugged, uneven surfaces. Desert camping sets the scene for the warm starry nights campers dream of.

  1. Forested Mountain

Mountainside camping provides the classic camping feel seen in movies. Grab a group of friends and head into the mountain, but don’t forget to bring spare black steel wheels in the case of a flat.
Search for hiking trails, restroom facilities and points of interest before careening into the woods as you may lose phone reception during your stay.

  1. Grassy Field

Don’t underestimate the simplified camping that can be done close to home. Look for a grassy field to pitch a tent in. This open-air setting is ideal for camping with friends who have busy schedules. Be sure to check fire restrictions in the area before planning on making s’mores or roasting hot dogs on an open flame.

Load up a truck and head to any of these exciting destinations. Get your vehicle ready to camp by installing retractable steps for lifted trucks or other useful camping accessories. Camping is a great summer adventure for a group of close friends.


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  • The truck tent comes with its own floor made of canvas, so you do not have to waste time trying to scrap clean the bed of your truck before setting off for your trip.

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