5 Family Travel Risks You Should Know

If you’re getting out on the road this summer with your family, you’re probably looking forward to a break in the routine. Many individuals and families are traveling this year for the first time in quite a while. If you took some time off from work or you’ve accumulated paid vacation days, a summer trip can get your mind right before you get back to the grind.

5 Family Travel Risks You Should Know

While you might enjoy your coming vacation, you should also know about a few dangers if you’re driving. We’ll talk about some of them right now.

Car Color and Accidents

Strange as it sounds, you can actually get in accidents more because of your car’s color. For instance, did you know that black cars get in accidents 12% more than white ones? It’s true.

Black cars can easily blend into the background if you’re driving after dark. Even if you have your lights on, you’re more likely to hit another vehicle if you’re driving a black car. Studies back that up.

Gray and silver cars also get into accidents more than white ones. In short, buying a white car makes an accident a lot less likely because people can spot your vehicle easily.

5 Family Travel Risks You Should Know

Maybe it’s too late for you to change your car’s color, so just watch out when you’re on the road if you’re driving a black, gray, or silver one. When you trade your vehicle in for a new one, you might also consider getting a white car because they come with a lower crash risk.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving also causes a lot of accidents. If you’re in the car with your family on a road trip this summer, make sure not to let anything distract you.

If you have the kids with you, try not to let their talking, singing, or squabbling entice you to turn around to speak to them or yell at them. You need to keep your eyes squarely on the road ahead.

Driving to Saksun on Streymoy Island

You should also not let billboards distract you, or music, or your smartphone. Maybe your phone makes a noise to let you know you just got a text message.

If there’s another adult in the car, have them check the message for you, or wait until you get to your destination and shut off the vehicle before you check it. No text message is worth a car accident.


You should also make sure to stay hydrated as you drive to your destination. Driving during the summer months can sap your strength, especially if you’re behind the wheel for several hours at a time. Bring water or sports drinks you can sip as you drive.

Everyone else in the car should drink as well. You can always run the air conditioner to keep the heat down, but regulating everyone’s temperature with drinks is a smart idea.

You should also bring extra drinks if you are traveling through the Southwest, the South, or some other region that gets very hot in the summer. The car’s interior can get super-hot during the daylight hours if you are driving on the highway with no shade in sight.

Big Trucks

If you’re traveling on the highway by car for vacation, you’re likely to see some of the huge eighteen-wheelers hauling freight from one state to another. Some of them go all the way from the East Coast to the West Coast and back.

Hauling freight by truck helps this country run, but you have to watch out for these gigantic vehicles. A driver can always nod off at the wheel, or they might not see your smaller car if you’re in one of their large blind spots.

If you can stay away from those trucks, do so. You might end up next to one in heavy traffic, but get away from it as soon as you can.

Car Theft

You should also try to park your car in well-lit areas. If you’re staying in an unknown city, attempt to learn about the neighborhood before you leave the car parked on the street or in a garage.

tasmania car 2010

Out in Tasmania in 2010 with my old Toyota Hilux.

If you own a more high-end car, thieves might target it if you’re in a sketchy area. Having an older car can actually serve you well on these occasions. An old vehicle with a lot of miles on it won’t stand out so much.

If you watch out for the dangers we mentioned, you should enjoy your vacation and get back in one piece.

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