5 Reasons To Choose A Slim Wallet For Your Travels

A slim wallet like Kinzd might not be for everyone, but if you have been using one of the large and bulky back wallets, then you should agree with me that they come with some discomfort. You are likely to get used to the discomfort over time, but it is a symptom of a large issue, which we will discuss later. Designers make slim wallets to be streamlined and after buying one, you will never experience any discomfort. If you do not want to make a change, here are some of the reasons you might not want to carry a slim wallet. 

5 Reasons To Choose A Slim Wallet For Your Travels


– You would want to develop a giant lump in your butt  

Apart from stretching out your back pocket and ruining the pants, a giant slim wallet will make your beautiful rear appear lopsided –the appearance you would not want people to notice during the day. When carrying a slim wallet, you will look like you are not carrying anything in your back pocket. Furthermore, there will be no need for pulling a slim wallet out of your back wallet to sit down. You can sit on it without experiencing any discomfort because it perfectly contours the butt.

– You like keeping all your receipts until they have faded  

If you have been piling many receipts and waiting for their fading so that you can throw them away, you should know that you have been wasting on your valuable space. It is the right time to change that lifestyle. A slim wallet will force you to throw away the unwanted receipts because you will not have the space to hold them. You have no reason to keep them for several months. A minimalist wallet will keep you slim in addition to streamlining your financial burdens. 

5 Reasons To Choose A Slim Wallet For Your Travels

– You are not worried about sciatica or back pain  

It is hard to think that someone would want to develop sciatica or to suffer from back pain. In fact, studies show that a huge back wallet will cause sciatica and back pain after you have sat on it continuously. The main reason designers introduced slim wallets was to prevent sciatica. You should also spread the message to others to conquer the sciatica problem, which is affecting the lives of many people. 

– You like moving with all your credit cards  

Perhaps, you know of a person who has at least 8 credit cards, the middle school ID, the school ID, the college IDs, keep all gift cards from the holidays, health insurance, the rewards cards, AAA, and many credit cards from individuals they met several years ago. That should not sound funny. The result of having such items in your wallet is a heavy unnecessary load.

With a slim wallet, you can manage to keep your credit cards to the minimum and throw away what you do not need or keep it your drawer. Even though some slim wallets can hold up to 24 cards, you should keep them slim. Most people purge old cards after buying a slim wallet. 

– You hate light things  
The purpose of a slim wallet is to reduce your clutter, lighten your load and streamline your daily carry. With a slim wallet, you will end up leaving many items in your home, car or office and take only what you require during the day. People who embark on outdoor adventures enjoy having lesser weight in their pockets. Therefore, if you would still want to have the unnecessary weight, clutter, and chaos in your back pocket throughout the day, a slim wallet is not a good choice.

There is no reason to carry the huge back wallet and a slim wallet is always a great choice. A slim wallet is small, comfy, efficient and will help you remain organized throughout the day – particularly if you would want a minimalist lifestyle.  

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