5 Things Americans Should Know Before Travelling to Cuba

President Obama had his aims to improve relations with the country of Cuba. However the Trump administration is not too keen on improving relations with this beautiful country. This is the reason why it has become very difficult for American tourists to travel to Cuba. However, this shouldn’t deter you from applying for a Cuba visa for US citizens? We recommend you visit this country, and today we’ll provide you with 5 things all Americans should know before they travel to Cuba, so let’s get started.

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5 Things Americans Should Know Before Travelling to Cuba

1.      No Stay in Cuban Military Hotels

It would definitely be a smart move to book a hotel somewhere in Cuba so that you know you have a safe haven to relax and sleep in. However, Americans are restricted from staying in hotels owned by the Cuban military. The best option would be to stay in an Airbnb which is a thriving business in Cuba. One of the benefits is that a local will be the owner of this Airbnb and can help and guide you in your travel by suggesting some great places.

2.      Always Carry Cash

It’s very important for Americans to carry cash in Cuba, and there are several reasons for this. For one, the exchange rate for dollars is terrible, instead take Euros and Sterling because they provide the best exchange rate. Cuba has two currencies, that being the CUC and the CUP. American tourists should always have CUC with them. Moreover, take your Visa card with you because Mastercards don’t really work in Cuba.

5 Things Americans Should Know Before Travelling to Cuba

3.      You’re Restricted to Land in Havana

In case you didn’t know, starting Dec 10, 2019, there will be a restriction on airplanes, from the USA, to only be land in Havana Jose Marti International Airport. This means that travelers will no longer be allowed to travel to other 10 airports at other destinations in Cuba. This policy was introduced by the Department of Transport by the Trump administration to minimize friendly relations between the US and Cuba. Furthermore, make sure to purchase a tourist card at the airport.

4.      Take Required Documents for Travel

When traveling, it’s no doubt that you should always take the correct documents with you. So make sure you have all the right documents you need to travel as an American tourist in Cuba, so you aren’t faced with any obstructions while on vacation. Here are some things you need to have while traveling: travel insurance to travel in Cuba, printed copies of any travel documents, your Cuban visa and anything else you feel will ease your travel.

5.      Have Fun

If you have a busy, hectic life, you know you don’t get the opportunity to be out and about much, so make sure to make the most of all your vacation. Cuba is a breathtaking country, so make sure you visit the clear watered beaches with their white sand. Furthermore, if you’re a fan of hiking you should know that Cuba has some amazing hiking destinations so be sure to take advantage of this. Furthermore, the subtropical climate in this island will make you feel cozy regardless of what time of the year you plan your visit.




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