5 Things To Consider Before Travelling To Bali

Touring Bali in 2012 – at Ulun Danu.

Bali is one of the hottest tourist destinations for many Australians seeking to find some relaxation or adventure that is relatively close to home. The sandy beaches, vibrant culture, and many attractions ensure that the area has something for everyone. However, before travelling to Bali, or any destination, it is wise to read up and inform yourself about the way things work there.

To ensure that you have a great time abroad, let’s look at five things to consider before travelling to Bali.

It Is Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

Travel Insurance for Australians is especially important when visiting Bali primarily due to the nature of the activities and the hustle and bustle of the island has to offer. Statistically speaking, there is an elevated risk of certain issues in comparison to other countries.

Onboard the blue bemo heading out of Singaraja in Bali, Indonesia.

Travel insurance, or insurance of any kind for that matter, is the type of thing that you may not think is necessary until you actually need it. It is always better to be safe than sorry, or in this case, be covered by travel insurance rather than not covered. It is straightforward to find a comprehensive travel insurance package at an affordable rate with a simple online search. 

Respect The Local Customs

If you are a first-timer to Bali, you may be surprised to find out that religion is still quite prevalent on the island, with the local population being primarily Hindu, as opposed to Muslim which is the main religion of  Indonesia. By making the effort to abide by local customs and informal regulations you will blend in as a tourist. It is never a good idea to stand out and alienate yourself by dressing inappropriately. Especially when visiting temples and other religious sites, make sure to cover your shoulders and knees to show respect.

singaraja backpacking

Backpacking in Bali

Be Prepared To Haggle

While it is not a good practice to assume that haggling over prices is appropriate in other countries that you visit, the practice is common in Bali. It is generally understood that there is always room for negotiation when it comes to items being sold from vendors on the street. To save some money, never pay the first price offered and try to secure a lower offer.

Watch Out For Wildlife

There are many wild animals in Bali that will cause you problems if you are not prepared. Stray dogs are common in Bali and may represent a threat to inattentive tourists. Monkeys will also actually steal your belongings, especially shiny ones, from your hands if you are not prepared. Make sure to keep a firm grasp on your sunglasses or earrings when walking through areas with these animals.

Be Aware Of Common Scams

While most of the local population will be welcoming and pleased to interact with you as a tourist, there are people in every country who are ready to take advantage of those who are unfamiliar with local prices, customs, and social norms.

To make sure that you are not easy prey for con men and scammers, then consider reading up on some of the more common swindles that are perpetrated on tourists. This will help you to stay vigilant and avoid situations that do not feel right. For example, taxi rides are a frequently abused means of extorting money out of tourists who simply do not know better. Make sure that you have some awareness about what a fair price is for your taxi fare before getting into a cab and always make sure that the vehicle you enter is licensed by the appropriate certifying agency in the country. This is not always possible to be aware of but try your best.

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