5 Things to Know Before Moving to Australia

Australia is famous for its beaches, deserts, wide-open spaces, and natural wonders worldwide. It is well known for its major attractions such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, the Great Ocean Road, Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef, etc. Every year people in the large number from around the world plan their trip to Australia to have an adventurous and quality time. It is exactly TEN years ago yesterday that I first landed in the land down under with a Working Holiday Visa.

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5 Things to Know Before Moving to Australia

However, when it comes to just visiting Australia for a few days, you don’t need to worry much about what to take with you and how are you going to manage everything, you’ll pretty much figure it out. But when it comes to moving to Australia; you need to consider a lot of things. Australia is an extremely beautiful country and will not be wrong to say that probably the best country in the world. But moving into another country can be a little daunting yet exciting procedure. Below we’ve mentioned a few things you should consider before you move to Australia. To learn about them, be sure to stick to this article till the end!

5 Things to Know Before Moving to Australia

Get a Visa

Do not attempt to fly to Australia without a proper visa in hand. If you do not have a proper visa, then you probably will not make it to the flight. However, the visa requirements depend on how long you are going to stay in the country. You will be given with a few visas options such as skilled migration visa, holiday visa, work visa, and permanent residence visa. Make sure to apply for one which you think is best suited for your plan to stay.

5 Things to Know Before Moving to Australia

Learn to Speak Like Locals

English is, of course, the official language of the country but you know for a fact that abbreviations and pronunciation can change from country to country. For example, Australians abbreviate sandwich to sanga, McDonald’s to maccas, barbecue to barbi, sausages to snags, and more. If you really want to mix into the Australian culture quickly, then picking up a few slang would be great.

5 Things to Know Before Moving to Australia

Tax File Numbers are Crucial

If you are planning to work in Australia and earn money, then one important thing is to get your tax file numbers without which you cannot work in Australia while staying there. Tax File Numbers are distributed by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) that will identify you for tax and other purposes, and everyone has their unique number. To get your unique identity you’ll need to fill the TAX file number application.

Always Apply Sunscreen

One thing that makes Australia infamous is its burning hot summer and the strong sun. Those who live there are very well aware of it but for those who are just visiting there cannot handle the heat. However, to protect your skin from burning sunlight, you need to purchase 30+ sun protection cream and apply it every time you get out of your home.


Jaywalking is a Crime

In Australia, it is illegal to cross an intersection when the pedestrian light is red. If you are caught doing so, you would be fined. Usually, in Brisbane the amount of the fine is up to 48$ while in New South Wales it is over 75$. To avoid this heavy fine, make sure to walk to the nearby pedestrian crossing and wait until the pedestrian sign signals turn green.

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