5 Tips to Earn Money on Your Travels ;-)

Jonny Blair makes notes at a travel event in Hong Kong - always busy, always working!

Get inspired – 5 tips to keep you earning money as you jaunt round the globe!

It’s time to get inspired on Don’t Stop Living!! If you are sitting in a dull office job right now, or working on the till in a supermarket, stop for a moment and think – is this really how you want to spend your life?? I’m guessing it’s not!! So in an attempt to get you thinking on a larger scale, here are FIVE tips on how to earn money on your travels, all from how I have earned money. Escape that dull job and see the world!

Jonny Blair's 5 tips on travelling the world while working

5 tips to earn money on your travels by Don’t Stop Living – money, money, money, it’s a rich man’s world!

These tips are all from my own experience, I live by them and I really travel the world earning money! I left my home town of Bangor in Northern Ireland 10 years ago now and have earned money continuously the entire time. Here’s how I do it, you can too, (just copy me if you want):


Jonny Blair working in PJ's Irish Pub Paramatta in Australia

5 tips to earn money on your travels – start by making sure you ALWAYS have a job. Even if you travel for a few months, have a job lined up!

 OK you’re thinking, hold on that sounds obvious, but it’s not! Believe it or not I have lived with people before who don’t actually work!! Some of them have even said “I can’t find a job”. I’m serious – can’t find a job?? There are millions of jobs out there! These are normally the type of people I don’t get along with – you need to motivate yourself and get a job for a start. NEVER find yourself without work. My travel timeline details some of the endless jobs I’ve done over the past 15 years, and I had only two periods where I wasn’t working (2007 I broke my foot and 2010 I took 3 months off to travel through choice!). There are loads of jobs all over the world going today – one of them is for you! Or even better, two of them are for you… 


Jonny Blair harvesting broccoli in Tasmania 5 tips to earn money while you travel

5 Tips to earn money on your travels – have multiple jobs at the same time. This is me working on a broccoli farm in Moriarty, TASMANIA.

You need to work in bulk and work in a few different jobs at the same time to maximize your income. Those that know me will know I like to keep busy. Since I turned 18, I have always had at least one job at any given time. I even worked full time while I was meant to be doing a degree! Yes, even when I had a broken foot I was employed by 2 companies (though I claimed Incapacity benefit – story for another day).

Jonny Blair milking cows in Colombia at Zoroastro Farm

5 tips to earn money on your travels – keep busy by having multiple jobs, even if it means milking cows in Colombia!

Even when I took a few months off to travel in 2010, I had a guaranteed job to go back to (in Australia). I currently have SIX jobs and I still have time to travel and be with my girlfriend, family and friends.

Jonny Blair of Dont Stop Living recommends a lifestyle of travel - teaching here in Hong Kong

5 tips to earn money on your travels – stay busy and keep working in between your travels – I have 6 jobs at present!

My current 6 jobs are: Teaching English in 2 Kindergartens and 1 Primary School, Welcome Guest for Internations Events, Travel Writer for numerous sites, Working for myself as an avid travel blogger. Not surprisingly I don’t really have ‘free time’, but I’m constantly living a lifestyle of travel!

Jonny Blair's 5 tips to earn money on your travels - working in multiple jobs

5 tips to earn money on your travels – stay busy and have multiple jobs – working on a Friday night Internations event in Hong Kong.

I’m a quiet guy from a small town in Northern Ireland. If I can blag six jobs and do them all at the same time while still travelling the world, anyone can! 


Jonny Blair working on the cross channel ferries in 2009

Don’t Be Fussy!!! Work anywhere! Mopping the floor and cleaning toilets in Cherbourg, France while working on the boats in 2009.

Be prepared to work anywhere and do anything. I have met people before that seem to think they can’t work in certain jobs – yes you can! If you are the type of person who has your heart set on only one type of job, then that’s up to you. But if you do that, you really are limiting your options to see the world and travel and try different experiences. If you got a degree as a lawyer and can’t find work in that industry, go into a pub in work, or work as a farmer. Don’t think “Oh I’m too good for that type of job” The truth is you’re not! A job on a cabbage farm is better than no job! Don’t be fussy – clean the toilets to earn your crust. That money will prove valuable!

Jonny Blair gives 5 tips to earn money on your travels

5 tips to earn money on your travels – don’t be fussy and offer yourself for any job. I was barman in a busy Bournemouth Hotel in days gone by…

I will do ANY job for money. In the past I have done weeding, toilet cleaning and milking cows. These may not be great for long term careers but they are fantastic for travelling and getting new experiences and earning money. Being lazy gets you nowhere.

I met a guy recently who told me he hadn’t worked in SIX MONTHS, saying there were “no jobs going”. I almost spat out my tea when I heard that? No jobs going?? There are millions of jobs going out there, you need to take any old job that comes along, learn it, master it and earn money from it.


Jonny Blair making notes at a travel conference in Hong Kong - 5 tips to earn money on your travels

5 tips to earn money on your travels – maximise the skills you have – think about what you are god at.

This is something people often forget. Think about what you are good at and use these skills to get a job, maximise your own potential. What am I good at? I believe I am good at talking to people, sharing experiences and pouring pints. Even from those 3 skills alone, the job possibilities are endless. You might be good at making bread for example, so a job in a bakery in Paraguay could be for you. You might be good at finance – nail a decent bank job in Australia. Get yourself a job newspaper now and tell me how many jobs you can do out of those on the list – don’t limit yourself to one small section. Confidence helps. Believe you can do them all. I do! 


Jonny Blair writing his travel blog Don't Stop Living in Panglao Philippines

5 ways to earn money on your travels – Start a Travel Blog!

If you know how to type then you can start your own travel blog! Share your experiences with others. You can earn money from it too, even crap blogs on Blogger earn money through Google AdSense (which I used for a while). While travel blogging has been my passion for 6 years, I want to share that passion and turn it into something a bit bigger. Watch this space! The travel industry is one of the largest in the world, and bloggers really travel and write about it.

Want to know How to Earn Money from Your Travel Blog ?

So if you stick to those five tip to earn money on your travels, you will do it no problem. You can backpack to Antarctica like me and live your dreams.

 Get inspired! Don’t Stop Living – a lifestyle of travel!

Jonny Blair

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15 thoughts on “5 Tips to Earn Money on Your Travels ;-)

  • I absolutely loved reading this article you have posted. I’m currently 19 years young
    And have so much I want to do and so many places I want to travel and work at. I have
    A full time job currently in Missouri, but would love to travel the whole US and save money to
    Travel world wide. Any tips? Starting points? Im a jack of all trades and do everything from laying concrete
    To landscape/hard scaping and can pretty much complete any task you can give me.

  • Thanks for the comments Sam – you will do well because of those skills, that’s awesome!! My advice?? Book a one way ticket somewhere and live your dreams to see the world. As soon as you get off that plane, find a job, make new friends, save up and keep travelling! Good luck with it all! Jonny

  • Great tips! As I take a short break and try to figure out how to earn some money to keep this lifestyle going, great tips to be reminded of!


  • Great tips Jonny! We are ‘digital nomads’ and love the idea of one day making money online. I think if you are passionate enough about traveling full time then you are willing to do anything to earn money to stay on the road! Its good to know there are options out there when our savings account starts to look miserable 🙂

  • Thanks for the comment Adam – I think the key to long term travel is always have a job and always be earning money. Once you stop earning money I mean, where can you realistically go?! Jonny

  • I’d say the top 2 jobs for travelling have to be teaching English and bar work, both of which I’ve done extensively but having the will to work anywhere and do anything is the most important thing, you can find work anywhere! Jonny

  • Wow Jonny (my son’s name as well), what an inspiring read. I tend to write about money management and earning and saving money but whether your are travelling or based at home the principles of earning money are the same. If you prepare yourself well, skills yourself up and (as you say) are not too fussy about how you earn, you should always be earning something Thanks for the article, I am going to feature it on my site if that is OK
    Andy recently posted…How to Earn a Second IncomeMy Profile

  • Hi Andy – thanks for the comment – glad you liked the post. I’m not fussy at all – I’ll clean toilets if I have to (as I once did on the England to France ferries!). Of course feature it and send me the link so I can read your stuff too! Safe travels. Jonny

  • Hi Samule, Thanks for the comment and apologies for the delay. I have been experiencing severe depression caused by a liar, this has been going on for a few years and I wasn’t checking all comments and messages on here. Stay safe. Jonny

  • Hi Nokri, Thanks for the comment and for checking my website. Apologies for the delay in response. Unfortunately I have been suffering from long-term depression caused by a liar and I wasn’t checking all comments and messages or replying. I hope you enjoyed my article on earning money. Stay safe. Jonny

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