A Guide to Packing for a Holiday in Bali

                                                 A Guide to Packing for a Holiday in Bali

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If you have chosen Bali as your next holiday destination, whether a regular visitor, or a first timer, you need to know a few things about the tropical paradise island of Bali. The island has long been a firm favourite for Australian people, so you can get just about everything you want in the towns. However, some items can be costly. With that in mind, here is a guide to packing and preparing for a Bali holiday.

  • Forget Warm Clothing – It never gets cold in Bali, as the island is located near the equator, so just cotton T-shirts, long and short pants and some sandals are all that is required. If you are travelling during the monsoon season (October – April), then a thin plastic raincoat won’t go amiss. You can also buy them anywhere on the island in case you forget to bring one.
  • Booking your Accommodation – Most people search online for Bali luxury villas, and the choices are indeed many. Early booking often brings with it a discount, and they have stunning private villas in Seminyak at very affordable prices. If you are lucky, you might just get a real bargain.
  • Universal Plug Adaptors – You will want to use your devices while on holiday and you can buy a universal plug adaptor that will ensure your smartphone and tablet can always be used.

                                                A Guide to Packing for a Holiday in Bali

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  • Mosquito Repellent – Most people use creams or sprays, which are not only effective, they smell nice too! Buy a couple of bottles and use it lavishly, covering all exposed skin, and it is most needed at sunrise and sunset, as that’s when the mozzies feed.
  • Basic First Aid Kit – You could be in the jungle and suddenly have a need for a plaster, or bandage, and if you are planning to go on some self-guided walks, the first aid kit is essential.
  • Suitable Wear for Temples – There are many Hindu temples that you will want to explore, so you need clothing that will cover the knees and shoulders, and anything in light cotton is fine. Many tourists don’t bother packing T-shirts and shorts, preferring to buy them on the island, so you might want to cut down on the amount of thin clothing you take, which will leave more room for other things.
  • Suitable Footwear – A pair of flip flops is ideal for Bali, and you might want to include a pair of sports type shoes, which would be ideal for hiking and strolls through the jungle, while reserving the flip-flops to the beach and coastal roads.

                                               A Guide to Packing for a Holiday in Bali

Image Source: Pexels

Once you have booked your own private villa online, you can begin to prepare for what will no doubt be the holiday of a lifetime. If you fancy some real luxury, you can rent private villas where you have your own personal butler and chef, which really is luxurious! The best way to find the right deal on a Balinese villa is to search online for an established agency, who would have villas in different locations on Bali.

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