A Solution to Help With Breathing Problems

Suffering from breathing problems is awful. Fortunately, medicine has come a long way in the last few decades and it doesn’t mean you have to stop living your life. As we age, getting out and experiencing life becomes more important than ever. Who wants to spend their time cooped up all the time because of a giant oxygen tank.

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A Solution to Help With Breathing Problems

Finding an oxygen concentrator for sale and purchasing it will make your quality of life exponentially better if you have trouble breathing. Before you run out and purchase one, you should know some facts first. This will help you when you are on the hunt. 

Reasons You May Need One

As we mentioned, oxygen concentrators are used to help people who have breathing issues. Specifically, a doctor may ask you to purchase one if they notice your blood oxygen level is low.

Hypoxemia, as it’s called, happens when your body isn’t working the way it should, and your body is essentially being deprived of oxygen. You may notice mild symptoms like headaches, dizziness, having your lips turn blue and even shortness of breath. If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms, you should go see your doctor right away.

A Solution to Help With Breathing Problems

A Solution to Help With Breathing Problems

This condition is often related to other conditions, a symptom of something larger. For example, someone with hypoxemia may have a heart or lung condition. Other times, they might just be too high in the sky, Mountain climbers sometimes develop this disorder when they are at very high altitudes. So, if you’re adventurous, not ill, you might want to find one of these as well.

Whatever the case may be, if you know that you aren’t getting enough oxygen or are going to put yourself at risk, a concentrator is a terrific medical device. Left untreated, hypoxemia can cause heart and lung problems which can lead to death. That’s something that should be avoided for many years. 


Obviously, the number one benefit is the ability to breathe as a normal human should. However, it’s not as simple as that.

When your doctor tells you to get one of these devices so you can receive supplemental oxygen, they might be attempting to make your life exponentially better. Feeling as though you are not getting enough air is a horrible feeling. More than that, it leaves you exhausted and not feeling well. 

An oxygen concentrator takes in the air that you’d ordinarily breathe, removes nitrogen from it and other impurities, then turns it into a purer form of oxygen. The oxygen then goes through a tube and into your nostrils. Think top-shelf whiskey. Once your body starts to receive this top-shelf oxygen, you feel so much better. 

People who use oxygen concentrators for health reasons sleep better than they did before. Think about it, when your blood oxygen level is higher, your body will be less likely to jerk awake because all of your cells are freaking out. 

If you have a portable concentrator you can also go for walks, travel, sit in a car for long drives, hike that mountain, and any of the other activities you want to do.

Don’t Wait to Feel Worse

It’s important that you go out and buy an oxygen concentrator right away if your doctor has recommended one. Waiting too long could lead to long-term damage and that’s the last thing you want to deal with right now. Sometimes it’s easy to delay things, this is not a time to do that.

So figure out what features you’d like and get shopping for an oxygen concentrator for sale. Don’t forget to call your insurance company to find out if they will cover the cost. Good luck and happy breathing.


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